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i'm flying off again.......

finally i've brought back home my bowling ball.
the bag was so dusty all over. i vacuumed it & cleaned it.
happily... i opened up the bag, only to find my pair of bowling shoes...
they were left in my dad's office untouched for years.
when i last wore them, they were still new n white.
now they're like.... =.= CHUI.

goodbye my first pair of bowling shoes.
i threw them away.
but my dad is so cool. he asked me to go find the bowling shoes i wanted
& he'll pay for it. waHaha~!! so happy!!

10pm gary came to fetch me, along with sinee & jinming.
bowled at Home Team NS Bukit Batok.

OTAKU neh. sia la. like real LOL.

see how sinee pamper her new pink ball.

candid snaps by gary. =.=

my powdery hand.

what the heck are they doing??

WTH! "Sinee Pig". so bad eh they. lol.

we bowled for 4 games each.
and then lastly, sinee & i bowled for one last game.
headed back to yishun and had our supper at Mcdonald's.
monopoly lucky draws.... xP

so tired. i was packing m…

disfigured palm.

my dog bit me.=(

im lacking of so much sleep.

slept for about 4 hours.
woke up at 6.45am.
it's my cousin brother's BIG DAY today yo!
Congratulations on your wedding day, ah boy korkor~

i put on light make up for my grandma yo. =)

just before leaving home.

see. i wore this kookoo slippers. lol.


boarding my eldest brother's private bus and off we go!

here we arrived... at the groom's block.

me & my cousin sister (groom's elder sister). my mum praying my aunt.

cindee jie's dog lucky.

my niece rochelle & me. my korkor, mummy & me.

preparing sweet red dates drink for the 'tea' serving session.

the many many wedding theme pics. so sweeeeet.

here comes the wedding couple~!

the Groomsmen & the Bridesmaids