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~cute candies/choco package~

that time my eldest bro returned from taiwan.
bought these back for me.

O_O i stared at him like one kind. o.O
in my mind i was thinking "WTH? sanitary pad?!"den he LOL.
KNS! marshmallows with THIS kinda packing. =.="

cute cute chocolates in a packing which looks like a book.

and this. choco.

think the shop sells choco & candies in weird funny cute packing ba. ^^

aniwae. i'll be leaving tomoro for thailand.
didnt know itz TOMORO lo. time flies~
will be back on 5 May early morning when the sky is still dark ba.
hopefully there's internet usage. =)

take care people.
til next time~

~i just need someone to listen. to my unspoken sorrows~

back from msia. nothing much tho.

captured my bro helping my dad in da garden.
playing with the XXL banana leaves. trying to fan me. lol.

ghostly me. xD
emo life. emo me.

~Save me from myself.~

~*Happy Birthday to Glen Jacobs "Kane"!*~

i'll be stayin over in malaysia for tonight.
see you guys when im back tomoro!

~Engrish made in China~

here are some funny pictures on ENGRISH made in china =.=
from an email min min sent me.
some are real funny. hope these will cheer up ya day! ^-^

And if you are dead, call the ambulance at once.

try to control yaself after eating that.

I think it was that 'screw you' comment...

letz start with the big toe...

Flavored with heart...

Falling should be planned...

we can see that. =.=

One lump or two?

who would dare to?

O_O are you smiling?

Thank you for open!

How do you do?

I'll keep a look out....

New in this section: 'Bowling with Bilbo'

I give my life and my company, but they just keep demanding more...

~photo says a thousand words~

i just found some photos left in my Received files folder.
which i think i forgot to upload.
photos taken at Faith's birthday 2 months ago.

looking at these photos, i suddenly miss my straight hair. =_=

has got nothing much to do.
so i browsed through my photos collection webby.
which consists of more den 2400 photos. wOot~

and so, i decided to share some memorable, funny ones.

taDa~! nOtti lil' me.

dont look like me eh? wonder wat i was doin tho. o.O?

i saw this i laughed.

jerene's birthday last year. tio sabo. LOL~

i see & read the words i edited. i laughed out loud~
especially the sayings i added for Roza. and look at her expression. xD

fyi, i snapped this pic. lol. candid!
they are the lovely plaza peepz, where i did my attachment.
itz been really really long. since we last met. miss them lotz. =(

not forgetting Da Insanerz~
we salute SINGAPORE.

cOol pose eh?
all their poses came outta nowhere. i said READY. and there they go. proded.
lOve 'em much ^^
and missing 'em lOtz T_T


~I don't want to be famous , i just want to be remembered...~

pokpok dropped by at yishun last night so went to meet him up.

he soooo wanna eatLong John Silver(LJS). so we went.
he 'qia' (blanja) me o. i pay i'll kena scold =.=
i ordered Combo 2 & [Promotion edition] Golden Deal 4.
that wasnt enough for him o. he wan more FISH. lol
so i went to order some side orders. Crispy Shrimp & Fish Finger.
so much foodies. surprisingly i managed to finish.
he forced me eat more. eat finish. even 1 tiny fries oso dun let go. lol kookoo.

we den sat outside northpoint. had a lil' chat.
we left at about 8.30pm.

got home. continue CZ-ing. ^-^

i CZ-ed til the sky turned dark blue nor. 'bout 6 plus this morning. =\
i really dun understand nor. why these kookoo players in cz....
love to spray on people when people din offend or even talk to them.
especially at late night when there's no admin to control.

last night sprayed liao, den this kookoo still do those dirty actions. WTH?!
da guys dun feel offended or insulted but i DO lo. nabey dirty freak…

~Sometimes you just wanna scream out "why me!"~

last night join a server.
we were all so boliao that we thought of 'playing'.
see! they all stacking. LOL
i fell off the 'bridge' a few times and died. =.=
so i rather be the photographer xD

we den climbed up here. OMG *so high* O_O
and i fell out of the top here, once. xD

they den climbed up here. the big big poster.

lol~ so cute de. i said SMILE~!
den this fiz *smile lol. cant imagine.

and hor~! last night was playing at XoL server.
this ervin asked fiz "fe sprayed u?" fiz replied "ya".
i've 'cleared' tunnel, and was rushing to T-Spawn when i read that message.
and the next thing i know, i FLEW UP INTO THE SKY and died.
what.the.hell. O_O
den ervin said into his mic "sorry rocket wrong person."
LOL~ i wasnt pissed but was laughing.
nabey~ FIRST TIME kena rocket. FOR NO REASON.
den admin still can say "rocket wrong person"T_T
thatz sooooo memorable =.=

oh ya. this korkor of mine.
that day told mummy. he woke up. i was still sleeping.
and …

~The World is Black~

last nite CZ something weird yet conincidence thingy happened.

i sprayed on the wall.
to my surprise... i saw something red instead of pink.

wt..? fiz's spray?!
fiz den tried his spray. and O_O?! so pinky~ lol my spray.
our in-game spray was exchanged.
sia la. sooo coincidence. of ALL players, ours exchanged. LOL.

aniwae i've changed my blog songs playlist.
a list of my favourite emo songs.
and emocore bands like good charlotte, fall out boy & simple plan.
u can click on itz 'Menu' to see the short playlist.
cute eh? like iPod player.

~first time dining out with friends at Jalan Kayu. PRATAz!!~

yeap. went to Jalan Kayu (JK) for dinner.

the outings was quite a last minute planned one tho.
but many turned up!

9.20pm left home. saw may, weihong & david at the opposite bus-stop.
went over. chat chat. this david went to fetch lydia.
den marcus came to fetch us.
kns~ david go fetch lydia den left 3 of us there. dunno how to bring us along den straight away head down to JK. so marcus oso dun need to came down yishun to fetch us. kookoo LOL~

me & may tried our best to direct the way through seletar area.
almost lost our way in the ullu ullu place T_T
den called my korkor. asked for directions.
managed to find our way there. pHew~
marcus's driving so aggressive. O_O got me & may frightened.
i wonder how long would his car tyres last. lol =x
scary la he drives. i phobia lo. T_T

reached the place. settled down at.........

weihong ordered drinks for us. chatted. was 10+pm le.
milo dinosaur!ROAR~ xD lame. =.=

so hungry. havent eat anything for dinner. coz wan eat PRATAzz!
soon after, david…