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~Royce Choco.~

morning + afternoon classes today.
zai brought this for us to share.Royce Choco!!!itz sooooo yummy o...

hm. during afternoon class.
small piecez of eraser parts kept flying to my table.. or kena me.
me kept turning around but everyone seems to be doing their own thingy.
-_-" i used my mirror & min's to get a reflection of da guyz behind.
whoz gonna be da culprit nehx....

this CaiGe wit his cheeky smile...
hez gonna be da culprit!! gotcha! hmphx! lolz....

we got back our business statistic test paper today.
caige's reaction when he juz got back his test paper. n this is our BS lecturer, Mr Tan Chee Kian.
stood like a model seh. [sorrie mr tan. please dun sue me for this. >.<]

this pic was taken dayz ago.
notice a foot above min's head! omG~ toopid aaron. lol.
who is aaron?? this gangsta here.....
"hey you!!"

alrite. im heading to johor bahru lata.
u guyz beta wish me bac~


~Donut Factory~

morning lesson today. business statistic class test.

after class at 12+pm, memin zai & bobby had lunch at Marina Square.
we then went window shopping...
at 2.30pm. we sent zai off to work.
juz a distance away is da 'Donut Factory'.
looooong queue. da freshly-made donutz look soooo tempting.
was told that da queueing time is damn long... but da donutz are delicious!
saw da long long queue behind... sian diaox.

we had never try da donutz before... hmm...
wanna join in da queue.. or not... wan... or not... wanna wait... or not...
[staring at da tempting donutz] AIYA~!!! letz queue up la.......!

we queued from 2.40pm. reached da counter. bought a dozen @ S$11/-.
and also an extra 1 more donut.. Hazelnut Milk Chocolate donut @ S$1.20
left da counter at about 4.40pm. we queued for 2 damn hours. ><

i cant wait to bite on my hazelnut donut! i let 'em have a bite too!
itz really yummy... soft... real nice.

i got home at 6+pm.

wanna try?! hEex~

~Fish & Co. + Zieggie Party!!~

~*haPpi BiRthDae Zai!!*~

had morning class this morning.
we left at about 11am. meminclaire sophiazai caigebaoaaronryan.
[while waiting for aaron to come, we played 'standing hei bai pei']

we took bus to orchard. done with our 'stuffz'.
went down to dhoby ghaut, "Fish & Co." glass dunno what place.
bobby joined us there.

yUmmy~ itz nice!

da loooong table.
Ryan VS Bao
bao finished his seafood platter! hez da winner. ahakx!

zai with da Levi's shirt bday gift from us!
menthol 'moth ball' candies given by Fish & Co.
it was zai's treat on this BIG meal!!thankx!

we left Fish & Co.. saw da L.O.V.E. sign out there.

caige's special pOse~ hmm...
bao & zai outside Fish & Co.

we got zai's house at about 4pm.
we played PS2 "Winning Eleven 11"!! so muCh fun & excitement!!
we also played poker cardz, 'Dai Dee', 'Show Hand game', etc.

bao was da 1st to leave da 'showhand game'. his forfeit is bbq-ing for us....

~Lee Kong Chian National Library~

todae had morning lesson.
after school 12nn, meminbaocaige & zai took train to Bugis.
had lunch at da Food Junction, Bugis Junction.

1.45pm. we walked to Lee Kong Chian National Library.
went to da loo loo...*snap*

we searched around for bookz & resources for our assignment.
thanx zai for buying da CashCard to let us all use for photocopying purpose.
at about 2.40pmah bao left. soon after, zai left too.

so left with me, min & caige. we continued to looked around for bookz.
min found a book about da Japanese Occupation back in 1940s. we then sat down to browsed through that history book. so interesting......
getting done with our resources, we left at about 5pm.

but before we left, we 'played' with the elevators.
from level 8, we went down to basement 3, & UUUPPPPP to level 14!!
we wanna fly~!!!! Supaman.................~
it was so nice.... flying without wingz... XD

chiang asked me out for movie along with my other sec school friendz.
told to meet up at 6.45pm,…

~*Singapore Zoological Garden!!*~

one wish, off from wishlist! yeaH~

had IT Lab lesson this morning.
we left at 10+am.
me. min. QQ. claire. bao. caige. ryan. ber. aaron. went to CCK Lot1.
had our breakfast/early lunch at da Food Junction.

after eating, we headed to da CCK Bus Interchange.
Bus 927 came at abt 1pm.
da bus journey was about 20mins to Mandai.
Singapore Zoological Garden!

purchased da tickets.
Admission + unlimited Tram ride = S$20/-

this is WE! at da main entrance!!

herez some photoz we took.

aaron the 'baboon'! keke.

they all looking so serious. watchin at Polarz!

yea. 'da tallest three'. XD
itz me with da lionz.
big big tortoise!
croco bite caige's @ss! claire is helpin out!
claire with 'meh meh'.
ryan feeding 'meh meh'.
rain with 'meh meh'.