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~Princess. believes in Happy Endingz.~

Cinderella walked on broken glass.
Sleeping beauty let a whole lifetime pass.
Belle fell in love with a hideous beast.
Pocahontas risked her life for a feast.
Jasmine could have had anyone instead she chose a poor man.
Ariel walked on land all for love and for life.
It was all about blood, sweat & tears...
I guess loves all about facing your biggest fears

Believe in happy endingz.
Dreaming of magical somedayz.
And everyone smiled upon seeing her...

~nobody lovez me. everybody hatez me. i want to eat some wormz...~

Da Insanerz' meet out~!!

reached Orchard at 1.45pm.
met up zai.bao & caige. long time no see le o.... =)
[dun tell me my blog dun hav ya names. xD... here they are. niCe? hEex]
15mins later.. QQ reached.

we went to Xin Wang hong kong cafe @ Cineleisure.
da new menu~

after while, ber came.
we made our orders. and waited.....

ah baO~
ber beR bOtak! coz he's NS-ing.
caige & zai.
zai. hair sooo long. xD
caige's up & down mood. lol~
QQ & rain~

i had Iced milo dino. & luncheon meat soup noodles.

and shared this..
french toast. niCe~

min min came later to join us.
we chat & makan.

they dun have to ask me how im doin. coz....
my blog explains [almost] everything. LOL!

after lunch. we wondered around aimlessly.

oh ya. was watching da Trailers & saw The Rock!!!!! his new movie~!!

gonna catch it when itz out! ^-^

went to Paragon.
da guyz waiting for da girls who went loo loo.

ah bao left.

next. Takashimaya..
went to da toy's department.
many Disney princesses stuffz. i love '…

~da story behind da story~

met up jace & went to skool this mornin~

reached skool. croupier gary there le...
da skool's kinda 'empty'. a few people nia.

walked pass Ricky's office. "good mOrnin~!!" i greeted.
i walked further up. and saw adrianO thru da clear glass.
he was staring at some papers & looked so stressed. xD

mejace & gary den used the internet.
checked out about computer/laptop stuffz.

today da batch 03/07 seniors came back for exam.

hmphx. me jace & croupier dealt roulette. followed by baccarat.
my roulette dealing wasnt that bad. still remember.
but baccarat.... kinda mixed up with blackjace at 1st.
we laughed alot. I LAUGHED ALOT LOT. lolx...
so funny la da 2 of them... crap de.. xD but i had fun nah. they made my day. =)

fang qing, roy & vik came later.

had lunch.
den went back to deal blackjack.

we catched da 3pm bus.

went to amk central. jubilee. looked around for computer stuffz.
thatz when xiong smsed me & asked if he could join us. lol.
he came. we all settled …

~i hear it. i feel it. itz getting scary.~

~*haPpi BirthDae tO Sumenn!!~

i overslept 30mins this morning.
left a note for korkor to wake me up but he oso overslept.
luckily managed to leave home on time. but with empty stomach. = (

snapped a few piCz just before leaving home.=P

reached skool 9.50am.
wanted to reach skool early just to get da 'queue no' i wanted.
but..... dragged dragged.
so we did our final assessment written test first.

in class. siwei used my hp to snap snap*

jace.. doing his evaluation seriously.

me too o...

[left]:darlin vik & croupier gary. [right]: siwei. stressed look. lol.

after that. suddenly da papers with 'queue no' are ready.
all quickly queued up. some kiasu newbies and we were in da back...
in e end... i got no. 19.

wat does 1st come 1st serve really means??
COMING to skool early. or see who is quick enuff to Q up?
i reached 9.50am. i got no. 19.
compared to those who came at 11+am. they got 20++.
not much difference nor. unfair isnt it?
but im fine with it tho. itz just that...
da way those newbie…


woke up feeling so sleepy.........

went to skool with jace.

oh yea. da new way of tying my shoelaces.
niCe? jace taught me de... lOl ^-^

were practising & talking cock in skool. til 3pm.

me left with lao da & siwei.
lao da drove me to my previous school, MDIS, to collect my certificate.
reached skool 3.10pm.
they made me waited for 15mins just for da certificate.
duhx... made me so pai seh.. coz da guys were waiting outside. -_-

we den headed to Queensway Shopping Centre.
lao da brought his badminton racket there to re-string it.
while siwei wanna buy a new racket.
n yea. he bought one. at a reasonable price o... =)

we walked to......

had our lunch there.
i ordered Swedish Meatballs.
10 pieces. couldnt finish it.
Soup of da Day. Cream of Chicken. =)
Iced Lemon Tea.

& we shared...
Fried Chicken Wings. =)

eat til so full full wor..... but yummy. keke.

5.30pm. lao da dropped us off at Redhill MRT.
we took train home.
me was so tired that i almost dozed off while standing in da train o..

got home…