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~LaSt dUty @ sHa cOuNtEr.~

hm. juz now me got duty at sha counter (changi airport) 12-8pm. me alone. so sian. morning follow patsy go T1 canteen buy makan. den was at north counter. kinda boring. den later abt 3pm bernard came. patsy went home le. den sit there nv tok much. me kept yawning. not much guests. so slpy sia. dozin off. but luckily there got mag to c. den later me 5+ go makan. alone. not used to it sia. nobody sittin wit me eat den i stare at other ppl. lolx. den eat le me was tranfered to south counter. florence was there. den later hamidah came. den me help wit some of da guestz. den sit there tok tok to hamidah. hm. 8pm le. duty finish. my deAr came down to acc me home. so nice but tired of him. den we go my house there 'pasar malam' jalan jalan awhile. c here c there. nobody sellin pc gamez... i wanna buy wor.. haiz... nvm. den my dear came up my house sit sit. and makan. he oso helped to wash up da dishez. keke. den he left at abt 11+. hm. tomoro me goin msia. will be bac on sun. i will …


hm. tiz morning supposed to wake up at 6am. but den tink maybe was tired den overslept. my dad woke me up at abt 8.20. den i jumped out of my bed. den i run ard my room sayin 'aiya late le late le!'. den my dad ask me wat time my class start den i said 9am. den he gave me $20 to tk a cab there. (luckily itz my dad who woke me up. if i woke up myself findin tt i'm late.. i wun get da money to tk cab. lolx) den i gave my dear a call coz i suppose to meet him at 8.15 at cck. den he go skool 1st. hmm. i tink tink... since i got money to tk cab le.. den if i late for skool 5 mins.. or 30 mins.. oso will get 1/2 dp. so i no need so rush lo. lolx. den reached skool at abt 9.20. hm. den lunch time mel jerene we all go 207 kopitiam eat. hmm. den had a test. mr lim's work economics. tink gonna fail le. coz nv study at all. hm. had our last lesson wit mr lim. so sad... hez really nice. da best teacher i've eva seen. hm. finished skool ard 4+. den meet my dear at cck. he reall…

~AcM. SuNtEc.~

tis morning meet my classmatez at raffles place mrt ard 9.30am. coz we gotta a skool outing to asian civilisation musuem (acm). 3 class combine. cao jan'04 (my class), cao apr'04, and cfbo jan'04. got to c some history stuffs. abt da qin dynasty...buddha and so.. finished at abt 11.05am. den went to tk some picz. den my dear came down to find me. den me.. my dear.. jerene.. corrine and wilfred went to suntec city to eat. den go walk walk. up to arcade to play games. me challenged daytona wit wilfred but he got in 1st wor. hm. next time gotta challenged him again. hm. den later on challenged my dear. hm. beri fun. coz we bang here bang there. lolx. but i got in 1st. dunno he purposely let me win or wat. keke. but was really fun. hm. den me feel like watchin moviez. den dear acc me. we watched 'ouija board bunshinsaba'. horror movie. kinda scary. but to me zombiez more scary! lolx. now dun hav zombiez show leh... hm.. my dear dear blanja everything wor. dear... no mo…

~ mY LaSt DaY @ sHa viLLa.~

hm. juz now was my last duty at sha villa. hskp. 2.45-10pm. morning shift got mel gabriel nurul gaoyu reena they all but their duty finish ard 3+. den left me doin wit rosie. and steph too. hm. cleaned 3 rooms. swept da dried leaves in da car park area. didnt really did much things. da staff meal not nice. like for hospital patients eat 1. lolx. during makan time i saw abigail. hm. long time no c her le. makan finish le. den. chat on da phone wit my dear. lucky got him to chat wit abo me really gonna rot le coz was kinda bored. hm. eventho i dun like sha villa... but i will miss da place. not da hotel. but da shopz houses there. coz there got lotza nice nice makan. maybe next time when i'm free i will go there eat. ^-^. hm. tomoro maybe goin out makan wit my mum. at north point ba. hm. den gotta rest ba. sat goin out again. ACM. (dunno wat civilian musuem la.) wit my class & mr lim. gotta be there at 9.45am. finishes abt 12nn. den after tt go gai gai wit dear dear. hm. hope to…

~dEaR. TiZ iS fOr yA.~

Wrap your arms around me,
show me how you love me
save me from this feeling of pain
please don't let me fall again...

If you love me like you told me,
please be careful with ma heart,
u can take it just don't break it
or ma world would fall apart...

Its how you say i love you
And how it makes me feel
Knowing in my heart
that what you say is real...

~NoBoDy cAn c mY PaiN.~

They don't see the pain in my eyes
They see the bright smile,
the cheery voice and joyous laughter
but they don't see the pain.

They don't see the pain in my eyes
They see the smart person,
the sweet person, and the fun person
but they don't see the pain.

They don't see the pain in my eyes
They see a sister, a daughter, and a friend
but they don't see the pain.

Nobody see the pain in my eyes.
As i alwayz hide it inside.
My tearz. sadness. painz. hurtz.
Nobody will eva know.
As i'll alwayz put on my smile.
itz fake. but no one knowz.
itz really painful. to hide my sadness. tearz. and so.
Everybody only see my smilez.
but not watz behind my smilez.
Nobody will really c da pain in my eyez...


yo. long time no blog here le. hm. duh. yest. my housekeepin duty at sha villa. juz sux. partner wit zen. shez a senior. hm. overall we cleaned 10 roomz. i cleaned all da toiletz. she did da bedz. kinda unfair. but wat to do. ppl diploma ma. haiz. tis semester da diploma students not nice 1. they tink they beri 'big' wor. but oso made mistakez. lolx. dunno wat to say abt those peepz. nvm. den my duty finished off at 4pm. my dear came down to wait for me. den we went down orchard to jalan jalan awhile. nth much to shop. hm. den we left at abt 6pm. i got off at yishun. bot takoyaki. went home. eat. den bathe. put on my make-up. at abt 7.40pm. syikin came. den we went to 400+ to tk my photoz. developed le. kinda nice. hm. den we went to find mao mao. at blk 156 kopitiam. coz da next day (today) is his bday. hm. zhong han was there. my kinda long lost fren. hm. oso got wei jie. teow kiat. alvin. and so. den we went to blk 14-something there. actually wanted to play bball & soc…

~MeanT to b3.~

We've been friends for not long
You've always made me feel like I belonged
You always listened and cared
You never stared
Like all the others did when I would do something dumb
You'd always laugh and call me a bum
When I didn't feel like getting up to on line
Then one day you said be mine
I hadn't realized it before
But I had this deep feeling inside my core
Where I didn't want you to leave
Because you had made me believe
That not all men are bad
And sometimes friends that never get mad
Can someday become lovers
That were meant to be together forever

~TaKe my hEarT. dUn brEak iT.~

I had a broken heart,
That I thought nobody could ever fix.
I thought I loved a guy that loved me back,
But I guess I was wrong.
You came along and made me
one of the happiest girls alive.
You took my broken heart
and made it one of the best hearts anyone could have.
Now you have my heart and I hope you wont break it.
Because the guy who did,
Is suffering now that I don't love him the way I use to.
I am trusting you with my heart,
And you better not break it,
Because once you do
you will never be able to put it back together.

~sha villa.~

hm. today. (7/10). bac to sha villa le. hm. mr. ithin on duty. den later is mr. richard. heng ar. lucky no rizal. can die. kena torture. keke. me partner wit ruslina. den morning shift got jerene & gabriel. so not tt lonely. den after a while jerene & gabe duty finish. went off le. hm. mel today do hskp. notti she. alwayz so playful. hm. den saw alfie bambang weisheng they all at cinamon room. chat awhile wit them. hm. mr richard got a new hp. sony ericsson k700i. da one i wanT!!! oh my god. feel like puttin it in my pocket and go home. lolx. itz nice. den he sent me some songz in da hp. lolx. tiz kinda supervisor oso got. keke. but he not bad la. everytime kajiao me. hm. not a bad day today. hope tomoro will be like tt too. tomoro oso 2-10pm shift. front office. ok. i stop here. c yA~

~BehinD my SmiLez.~

I go to school everyday
Barely making it through
I'm broken inside
And no one has a clue
Thatz bcoz I do such a good job
Trying to hide my pain
I smile and I laugh but secretly
In my world, there's only rainWhen I get home
My smile starts to fade
The laughter goes away
And many tears are madeI just wish I could tell people
What I have kept inside
About how I hate my whole life
And how many tears I've criedBut they can't see behind the happiness
What are they blind?
I wish they knew what
Many thoughts run through my mindThey need to look behind my smile
Find the real me
Bcuz inside I'm crying a river
And always will be...


tis morning went skool. didnt meet nurul. coz she woke up late. me went alone. hm. reach skool quite early. 8.30. nobody in class. only me joyce and faith. den i walk here walk there. dunno wat to do. den later daya come. mel. and so. den lesson startz. ms veronique lau teaching. later on she asked us to design a best aeroplane. den my whole class was folding paper aeroplane and den throwin it from one end to the other. was so fun. itz like we r kidZ! hm. during lunch time. weihao joined us. but. while me & mel was waitin for him. my malay frenz went up mrt 1st. den we went up to find them. they were not there. they juz left us behind like tt. no even a call to us. juz 'put us aeroplane' like tt. but nvm. we go jurong point find them. they were aready eatin. den me and mel go buy smth to eat. den they finish their food 1st (of coz). den i dun like them to wait 'wit a kinda face' so i say nvm lo. they go 1st. den left me mel and weihao. hm. mel da joker. tok nonsenc…


hm. today. bac to skool. gotta c da frenz i miss. and mr lim too! hm. 1st lesson. wit ms soh. teachin abt law. hm. i left my book at home. so forgetful. hm. den 2nd lesson. itz mr lim!! we chit chat. hav small tokz. he asked us individually abt thingz like...wat we learn in our corz, shatec and sha villa. hm. i didnt say much. i only said...i made lotza frenz in tis skool. lolx. den later on he gave commentz on each and everyone of us. den he said to me... "rain... hm... u r very emotional..... and playful oso... hm... i still rem tt time our whole class went to east coast park for outingz den u got lost in da woodz." lolx. da whole class laugh. den i apologised to him. coz tt day he waited for me and mel to come bac until quite late. hez really da best teacher i've eva known. den after his lesson we took our whole class photoz. wit mr lim! hm. majiam itz graduation day. lolx. but itz great to tk class picz! hm. me wanna finish da film in my cam fast. den can go develop.…

~Broken Dreamz.~

I love you more than life itself
But I am afraid to love.
My heart is like the fragile wings
Of a tiny little dove.
I'm scared to get too close.
I feel that I can't win.
You'll love me for a little while
Then you'll set me free again.
I've lived so long on hopes and dreams
I don't know what to do.
I don't think I can trust my heart,
For it belongs to you.
I know you'll only hurt me
Yet, I still keep running back.
Between the paths of our hearts
There's a worn and beaten track.
You've got my heart held on a string.
It is breaking right in two.
Enough belongs to me -to hurt-
The rest belongs to you.
I know that somewhere in your heart
There is a place for me.
I just don't know how to find it
And there's no way to make you see.
I can only hope that someday
You'll wake up and you'll find,
That while my heart belongs to yours,
Yours, too, belongs to mine.


hm. tis afternoon (2 oct) met daya 2pm at orchard. den we went shoppin. at far east basement. my fav shoppin place. bot a small soft toy. heart shape. pink color 1. $1.50. den went to cineleisure. saw jamie yeo there. playin some games wit da peepz there. den ate long john silver there. den abt 4.30. nurul came to meet us. den we go hmv. shop! i bot a pink cap from 77th street at $26.50. den bot a jap cap at $21.90. hm. nice. i like those. den we went to tk sticker picz. so nice and fun. so happi. den after tt they gotta go. at abt 5.45. den me walk here walk there while waitin for weihao. den he came at abt 6.20? hm. den go here go there. went to hmv to tk picz again. he 'blanja'. keke. was really fun. hm. nice. den dunno where to go. den go c movie. bot da tix for 9.35pm. dodge ball. hm. he 'blanja' again. den at tt time it was still early. abt 7.45. we went to burger king drink and eat friez. den we went down to sha villa to c mel. she alone. so tok tok wit her. la…

~qUiEt |s My hEaRt.~

quiet is my heart when i sense your near,
no more waves of raging fear
blinding my path that leads to your heart.
soft is your smile as it feeds my soul,
hungry for your love is all that i am.
warm is your touch that keeps me alive,
without this hope i couldnt survive.
intoxicating is your kiss as you let me in,
how long will i be here, when will it end?
do you know i live every day just for you?
to be in your arms there's nothing i won't do.
thank you for today,
for its all that i have,
will you share your tomorrow?

.......quiet is my heart.......

___..:sAdz RaiN:..___


hm. tis morning met minah serina and mel at orchard abt 9.20am. den went into goodwood park hotel. human resource department. interview. but only me and serina got into da 2nd interview wit front office manager. sadz. i feel sad for my frenz. da hotel look for certz and physical appearance 1. i tink itz not fair for otherz lo. da front office mngr is beri particular in our english language. hm. ask lotza qnz. was too nervous. hm. but. ok la. hm. after tt da 4 of us went far east shop shop. oh my! looooong time no shop le. juz now saw lotza thingz i like. gotta save money buy le. hm. den nurul came down to meet us too. after tt minah got duty at 2pm so she got 1st. den mel and serina wanna continue shoppin at far east. so me and nurul went to hmv. shop here and there. den wo bot a von dutch sling bag. itz black and pink. actually we r buying tt for minah'z bday next mon. but den...we squat down there admirin da bag. we like da bag too! lolx. but only bot 1. for minah. hm…


hm. tis morning (30/9) met raidah at yishun den took bus 858 to changi airport. met yishan there. me & rai bot 2 'heartz choco' for reena each. red and gold. den go eat burger king. met runni. when eatin reena, her mum and relative came. reena sat tog wit us. wit runni too. den eat and laugh. den follow reena go departure hall (at T1). coz she'z leaving for vietnam for her soccer thing. den her other frenz came. den later tok here tok there. we left at abt 1.30. hugged and kissed reena. den said bye to her peepz there. den report at sha counter (T2). den florence ask me to go T1 sha counter. alone. urgh... but luckily itz patsy there. abo gonna be real bored. hm. was doin nth. only smsing weihao and cuttin paper. of coz got handle da guest abit la. den lunch time yishan and lulu come find me go eat at T1 canteen. me ate ban mee. den i ordered chinese rojak. only 'you tiao'. when yishan saw. she was so excited. lolx. she kept sayin tt itz very nice. lolx. den we…