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~i'm just a girl and that's all i wanna be~

somehow. i am happier today. ^-^

been supervising on roulette game.
plus abit of lecture.
tracking roulette players today was fine. =)
croupier thought us a NEW method of tracking roulette.
which indeed helps ALOT!thankx much much~ phEw~

tomoro i'm heading to malaysia.
haben been there for 2 weeks le....
got so much movies to catch up.
plus gonna have a new hairdo. =D
and.... gonna cut my nails.
couldnt cut chips properly. hmphx.

~You laugh because I'm different. i laugh because you're all the same.~

my temper has changed. =(
back to how i was when i was a kid.
i dun like being angry. having a bad temper. seeing myself in this state.
this was me. ISN'T me.
but cant help myself. being under this kinda treatments.
in fact, itz because of da people i meet. da way i was treated.
never in my life i've been treated this way.
only after i entered this goddamn school.
being with fcuking blunt, insensitive, heartless & bias creatures. is a torture.
whose trying to put up a lil' drama, trying to attract attention.
frankly, there are some true ones. yea. SOME.
i am someone who won't forget da people who treats me nicely.
u treat me good, i'll treat u better.
i did not step on ya tail, so dun step on mine. that is ME.
if u wanna be someone who isnt capable of being a true friend
but a bastard who brings pain & sadness into my life...
fcuk off. get it? and i'm not gonna give a damn anymore.
so.. either be my fren. or stay away & dun be da obstruction of my life.
d u n f u…

~Trust No One~

me & sumann.
taken yesterday when we were in da bus to skool.
he alwaes knows when i'm down.
perhaps my smile was too fake.
he kept asking me to talk to him. instead of shaking my head acting as if i'm fine.
and yea. maybe bcoz of da way he speaks to me. touched my heart.
just couldnt help but let go out to him.
he even lent me his glasses. to cover my red red eyes.
i will never forget, that time when i was late for da bus, he stayed back alone to wait for me. and he told me, "never leave a friend behind."
i realised i didnt do anything much in return.
when we were together in da same group, when roy & vik kajiao me,
he's alwaez da one telling them "leave her alone la."
he really treats me like his lil' sista.
i know how disappointed he is that our 'power rangers' group had separated.
he wished that we started out together, we'll finish off together.
i oso dunno why. somehow. i left.
and yet, he bears no grudge towards me.
he is a true friend. …

~why u guyz treating me this way~

~*HaPpy BiRdDaY KanG kAnG!*~

last night i've finally found the Beowulf soundtrack after waiting for 24 hours.
but error occurred when it was downloading.
i tried to solve but couldnt.
only until late night. i asked kai for help.
he said maybe is my program having error.
so asked me to download a new (different) one.
and all thanks to him! da new one works!!
so happy...... i've got da soundtrack. xD
really appreciate his help. [he helped til 'bout 3am wor..... >.<]
i've just upload one of the OST as my blog's song. [sounds sad sad de... -_-]
"A Hero Comes Home" & "Gentle As She Goes". itz da slow version.
'A Hero Comes Home' with only da Chorus part.
as the original full song, is da fast version.
but will upload it as my blog song sooner or later. itz nice too. =)

back to skool after da weekend.
lecture in da morning.
practical after lunchbreak.

siwei made these. White Boats. lol.
reminds me of da recent Dragon Boat tradegy. sad news. =(

santa Roy…


2pm @ Orchard mrt station.

i reached there 1st. followed by caige. & den min min. we werent late o. =)

we walked to Cineleisure. to check out da movie timings.
Beowulf? The Kingdom? Fred Claus? which one? hmm...
ber came. QQ came. zai came (awhile during his lunchbreak. he's workin in town)
surprisingly. coincidently. we all woreblack & white!

caige & ber wearing da SAME shirt but of different colors.
sweet eh? lol.

min min & rain rain~

caige. caimei. ber. min. da early birds.

we couldnt get ah bao (who in the end also din come).
so couldnt decide which movie to watch.
da 6 of us den walked to Takashimaya.Seoul Garden. 3+pm.
da guys. ber. zai. caige.
da girls. rain. QQ. min.

yummy yummy hungry le!

soon after. zai left. min's boyfriend came.

hmm. not bad. the food seoul garden serves. satisfactory. =)

after makan. table. disaster. lol~

this caige of mine. just got lotz & lotza actions & expressions. bth him de. xD

so funny laaa... tutu de caige. loL~

we ate til 5.30pm.

~Life is a long way searching for Mr. Right~

i've been blogging for more den 3 long years
and had never participated in any Blogger contest.
yesterday i came across SgFriends- a blogger community & contest site.
and participated in 2 categories.
- Best Personal Blog
- Best Design Blog
to everyone of YOU. who've been reading my blog. or just a passer-by....
please VOTE for my Bloggie!!
[click on the 2 link icons on the left column (one for each category).RATE & vote for my blog!]
Thankz a milliOn~ ^-^

one glance. and itz Friday.

had lecture this morning.
spotted da'pirated' Jay Chou in class. xD
[aiya i should have taken a picture of him!! wasted..]

in class during lecture. bo liao.

afternoon, practical.

supervised & dealt baccarat.
den dealt roulette awhile before going home.

chui la. my roulette calculations. rusty le... my brain hang hang de.
and sooo long didnt deal blackjack le.

i wanna give Ricky a helping hand.
to carry out the box of clipboards from the Cage.
he asked "rain you can or not.......?"
i replie…

~Carry a heart that never hates~

lecture lecture lecture today.
our junior batches joint our class for lecture this morning.
lecture made us so dead. which reminds us of Beauty World. xD

lunchtime. 1st time eating 'dry' Ban Mian o...... not bad nah.

after that. we skipped lesson. =Psorrie Ricky... -_-
laoda. me. kai & fm. went to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.
itz gaming time~! we haven been lan gaming for so long o...
1.45pm - 5.10pm. we Storm The Front~
hmm....... im so happy i knifedkai. xDDD
den he & fm were trying to knife me back. loL~
kai did had his revenge. im used to being knifed by them tho. xP
anyway. i had fuN! ^-^

gaming over. laoda drove me & kai to Clementi MRT station as usual.
i got home at 'bout 7pm.

thinking of goin to school. makes me happy.
but on the other hand, sianx.
happy bcoz i get to see my goodie friends.
sianz bcoz gotta see smelly kidz.

like this morning. i just wanna be alone.
dun like stinky feelings.
but fm came forward to accompany me.
altho he knows i wanna be alone.
this made m…

~Wake me up when the world no longer sucks~

this morning. korkor tapped me. "u got skool today?"
i opened my eyes. nodded. den got up from bed. headed to bathroom.
washed my face. brushed my teeth. 8am.
and realised. today got skool meh?!?! -_-"
y me so blur....................................
me den went back to sleep.

11.45am. jiejie woke me up.
she went to see doctor. took MC. & bought Mac's Big Breakfast for me.
i had breakfast. used lappy awhile.
12.30pm. went back to sleep. Zzzzz... lol

3pm. hp rang. an sms from laoda. jio-ed me to play CZ.
played til 'bout 4.30pm.

at night. papa drove us all da way toPotong Pasir. for dinner.
itz been long since we last ate the XO Sliced Fish Soup there. yUmmy!

got home 9.30pm.
and here i am.

time really flies.
2 more weeks.
and itz the end of my course.
and i wun get to see my people in skool that often le.
no more badminton session oso. hmphx.
anyone wanna play badminton wit me? any new kakiz?
i miss playing badminton... =(

FM sent me this pic last month. xD

~for da goodiez. i will tolerate da baddiez. i will hang on...~

korkor drove jiejie to work. at seletar country club.
den drove me to ang mo kio.
today den i realised. outta the other exit of seletar area, is Jalan Kayu le.
soooooo near yishun lo..... and i never knew. -_-"

i drizzled this mornin. >.<

hm. got to skool. started on practical. no lecture today.
supervised on roulette. kai was mydealer.
laoda came late. & jitao was given the Pit Manager (PM) task. xD
he zai lo... being the only PM, in-charge of 7 roulette tables. =D

my supervising was ok. didnt cocked-up.
lunchtime. everyone closed the tables & went for break.
laoda was still finishing off his paper work.
so me kai & weiwei accompanied him.

ate Chicken 'Bia Ni' for lunch wor. loL~!

after skool. laoda gave me a lift to Zion Road's Shui Xian Temple.
eventho it wasnt 顺路 wor... so nice~ best lah u laOda! thankiex~ ^-^
my parents, uncle jimmy, louis & 2 other peeps were waiting for me there.
we all then drove down to louis's mum's restaurant.
"Heng Heng Re…

~Life goes on whether ya ready for it or not~

3 hours of sleep. -_-Zzzz
had skool this morning.

i didnt know there's gonna be a closed-book written test today wor.

morning practical.
after lunch. written test.
after that, practical.
no lecture today.

todae's my 1st time tracking 2 players at da same time.
with my trainer, bonnie as dealer.
his dealing & payment is fast. so. as inspector. gonna be faster den him wor.
but still ok nah. not that stressed.

time flies. itz 5pm. headed home. were so sleepy.
i slept in train & buses. luckily sumann was with me til my block's bus stop.
if not im gonna oversleep man. Zzz....

oh ya. WinWinGe [caige] tagged about theJoke of the Dayin my tagboard yea?
know whatz that JOKE?
last night caige was discussing with me 'bout our upcoming seoul garden outing.
at once i showed him this emoticon. ----->
he was like.. .......... wad a smiley -_-
later on i showed this emoticon again. (to laugh at him). he replied....
"stop gaving tat smiley. so sickening. later i got nightmare"
he den …

~Allowing R/S To Fall Apart Is One Of Da Greatest Regrets U Could Ever Have~

i just got back from msia tonight.
herez da update of what i've been doing over the weekend.

yesterday (saturday, 17 Nov). "Mahjong X-Change" competition.
i just learnt the game of mahjong last week.
& im participating in a competition. xD
just for the fun of it & to experience a competition like this.

[on friday, laoda were briefing & explaining to me the rules of mahjong in class.
got home. mummy explained this & that to me too.
so much to absorb. keke.]

supposed to wake up at 5.30am. i overslept.
mummy woke me up at 6.30am.
took cabbie down to clementi. went to find some food.
7.50am. laoda came to fetch me along with his parents.

8am. reached The Chevrons.
registered. paid the admission fee S$15. get the door gift.
da door gift.

andy was already there. we all sat there waiting.
later fm arrived with his gal.
[fm = croupier = gary. PS: w.e.f. today i will call him fm instead of croupier]

many of us participated o.
me. laoda. andy. fm. fm's gf. laoda's cousin sis…