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~pOoL @ QuEeNsToWn~

last nite turned in at 1am. was sleepy. woke up at 5.50am tiz mornin. gave alvin a wake up call at 6am. went to skool as usual. todae comm skillz lesson. bored bored bored. me was soo sleepy in class wor. almost dozed off. cant tahan o. durin breaktime me ron alex went to da canteen. me wanted to drink kopi de. to make myself stay awake. but ron said red bull beta. will feel 'more fresh'. so me try lo. me ate potato wedgez. at 11am we went bac to class. lesson startz le. hm. tahan an hr more. 12 noon. time to go. da guyz thot of playin pool n billardz. me went along too lo. at queenstown there nia. da place lookz old tho. but enjoyed playin ba. weiqiang n aaron played billard. me at 1st tagged wit ron vs claire n alex [played pool]. ron 'shoot' da white n black ball go in da hole o. lolx. we den 'opened' another pool table. me played wit ron 2 roundz. den wit alex. ron left at 1+pm. he gotta go work. me continued da game wit alex. me win him o. me anyhow shoot …

~iM tiRed..~

last nite slpt at abt 3.45am. woke up at 5.50am. sleepy.. pulled myself outta bed. go to skool. paf lesson. finished at noon. left skool wit ron aaron alex. board da mdis shuttle bus to queenstown mrt. unfortunately. da bus tyre burst out of da sudden. had no choice but to walked all da way to da mrt lo. alvin there waitin for me le. me alvin ron aaron took da train tog. aaron alite at yew tee. ron alite at woodlandz. alvin n me den go northpoint 'boom boom'. so fun. 'long' time no play le. afta da gamez, we den go buy our lunch n some stuffz for my mummy den head home. he came up my hse. we ate tog. he den had a chat wit my mum. me played ms. lata alvin help me play my ms charac while i got do my paf homework. up lvl lo. lvl 35 now le. hm. lata we had dinner tog wit my family. at abt 9pm weijie came over too. left some dinner for him. me go hav my shower. den da 3 of us went down. sat under da blk. chat. til abt 10.30pm. all seemz tired le. so go home lo. they acc me …

~MaGGie mEe o..~

last nite slpt at 4+am. woke up at 1.30pm todae. played abit of maple. meet alvin abt 4+pm at northpoint. we took train to semb. walked to weijie hse. alvin played ms. me cooked 4 packz of maggie mee. i cant anithin to add in oni eggz. hakz da soup quite salty coz me put lesser water.. thot tt if too salty, can add hot water. if too much water.. no taste le ma. but wanna add water.. he got no hot water. lolx. nvm lo. we 3 shared da noodle. keke. eat le me wanna wash up da dishes but da guyz sotx de dun allow me wash. weijie stopped me alvin grabbed me. lol bo bian lo. hm. me den helped weijie create a blog. he has just joined our blogger world o. keke. weijie finished bathin le we 3 walked ard semb area. me wanna play bball de but no ball. me dun realli like to play wit ppl i dunno de. so we juz sat down n chat lo. til abt 9.30pm we walked to semb mrt. me bot some breadz there. alvin too. weijie den go home le afta sendin us there. alvin n me took train home. he eat bread in da train …

~jUz My lUcK~

hm. juz got home. last nite slpt at 2+am. woke up at 5.50am. left home 7.45am as usual go skool lo. finished skool at noon. alvin n weijie come all da way to my skool fetch me o.. not oni tt... they even came into my class wait for me. dot dotx.. lolx. den my toot toot cute cute lecturer mr. see thot tt they r his studentz seh. blur de he. keke. we den go bugis by train.. got there at abt 1pm. go buy "Just My Luck" movie tix @ 3pm de. weijie found a bank book wit identity card n other important doc at bugis street. we acc alvin go sim lim sq buy his thingy le den go ard findin da nearest police post to hand over da bank book thingy. wah... police station so diff to find there o... somemore weather soo hot.. walked here n there asked many ppl.. finally we found it. so happi. handed it over to da police le den we walked all da way bac to bugis junction. went 'boom boom' wit alvin. weijie dun wan 'boom' wit me le. tink coz tt time he lose to me. oopz. hm. we pla…

~'mEh meH'~

last nite slpt at 3am. woke up at 12nn. left home at 2+pm. meet alvin at gv. he acc me go 931 regional clinic to collect my x-rayz report. doc say quite bad. my backbone. if itz really pain den i gotta go for surgery le. but now not pain. so nvm. hm. afta tt alvin acc me go home put my x-rayz thingy den we go yishun mrt. he go bugis [sim lim sq to do his hard disc thingy]. me go sembawang meet weijie le den we go boon lay 1st. we go jln jln. 'boom boom'. alvin lata came at 6+pm. todae happi o.. played lotza gamez.. me created a 'new car'. but din change da car color. nvm lo. hm. me win weijie all da way o.. last race he din 'let' me go 1st. he still lose me o.. he den said he dun wanna race anymore le n gave me his 'car' seh.. lolx. but me give him bac lo coz i know he surely wun quit racing de. keke. we played til abt 8+pm. wanna go eat. but dunno where. tink n tink there.. aiya go bac yishun lo. but reach northpoint.. da food mall all closing le. so w…

~mSia tRip~

ooo... juz got bac from msia. stayed over for a nite there yesterday. went wit my parentz, 2 broz, sis-in-law, niece n alvin too.
yest mornin 6+am acc alvin go lavendar do his passport de stuffz. passport expire. did da thing at abt 9am but need to be bac to collect da 'temporary visa' [to go to msia] at noon time. 3 hrz. wat to do? we walk here n there. to bugis junction. had a drink til 10.30am. we go 'boom boom'. lol so good o early mornin arcade not many ppl. keke. til abt 11.30am we walked bac to lavendar there collect his thingy le den head to bac yishun. my dad fetched us at northpoint along wit my mum n 2nd bro. we goin msia lo... keke. [too bad weijie cant go. hm]. we went to taman sentosa area to c da chinese doctor. abt my bac. alvin oso c doc regardin his kneez. da doc put da needle into his knee n pull out n in, out n in. ooo.. pain o. alvin groan in pain but was laughin. dunno itz pain or ticklish seh. lolx. me n my family was laughin lolx. evenin went bac…

~pOoL @ CcK~

-23 june 06-
last nite slpt at 4am. woke up at 5.45am. left home at 7.45am for skool. met kin n aini on my way to yishun mrt. we took train tog [towardz marina bay]. PAF lesson todae. c da cute old man again. lolx. during break time irene n vanessa ate chix chop. seemz nice. next time me wanna try le. keke. hm. finished skool as usual. took da same train [towardz marina bay] wit ronald aaron n claire. my new frenz. ronald asked me to join them go play pool. okie lo me went wit them. chua chu kang. lot 1. K-pool. got there at abt 1pm n played for an hour ba. 3 gamez. 2-on-2. me dunno how to play de o.. but da guyz did thot me lo. had some fun. laughz. hm. afta tt we acc aaron go arcade played game. den went off at abt 2.45pm ba. took da train bac to yishun wit claire. she stay in yishun too o. they r all frenly peepz. me den meet alvin at northpoint. we take-away lunch for my mum n ourselvez. he den came up my hse. we ate tog. den me use comp. he juz rest lying on da floor. tryin to tk …

~BbaLL tRaiNinG~

-22 june 06-
last nite slpt at abt 2+am. woke up at 6am as usual. go skool. got there at 8.50am. had principle of account & finance [PAF]. mr see thot alot todae. me tryin my best to catch up. gave up some exercise as homework. but me did half of them durin my break time. todae get to know ronald. da "ppl's leader" of our grp. finished skool at 12nn. ronald n his grp asked me n my grp if we wanna join them go revise our work in da library. they stayed but not me for todae. tired. im goin home. keke. on my way bac home. finished my homework in da train. met hasif. again. we chat n took bus 804 tog. he gave me his calculator. coz last time i lent him mine when he needed it. now he sayz mine spoiled le. so now im havin his. i need it for my paf class o. keke. thanx to him. me got home at abt 1.40pm. played maple. but not for long. coz me played until wanna doze off seh. sian n sleepy. haven been slpin well tiz few dayz. so me took a nap at 4pm. woke up at 6.30pm. left ho…


last nite slpt at abt 3am. woke up at 5.50am. left home at 7.45am. met sophia n irene at queenstown. reached skool at 9.05pm. break time we ate honey glazed chicken pau (char siew pau). not bad. went bac to class at 11am. got group activity. my grp actually got 8 ppl de but oni left da 4 of us. me sophia vanessa n alex. da rest go join other grp le. irene is with another grp sittin rite in fronda us. so we all combine tog into one big group o. tink got 11 ppl ba. a chance to make more frenz le o. hm. da guyz beri funni de. a good thin ba. so we wun get bored. class endz at 12nn. our grp went up to da library to finish up our work b4 goin home lo. da guyz r really participatin de. hm. me left skool at abt 12.45pm. went bac home. abt 2pm. met mummy at da door. shez goin out. so me alone at home. cooked maggie mee eat. at abt 4pm my bro fetch me to 139. meet solo n sheng. they playin bball. pei rou there oso. da 4 of us den played 2-aside de bball lo. lata alvin came. don came too. at ab…

~SpRaInEd mY leFt aRm~

last nite slpt at 2+am. woke up at 6am. left home at 7.30am. reached skool at 8.45am. tiz mornin is principle of accountz de lesson. todae serene join 'our grp' le. hm. alvin sms me durin my break time. sayin tt he wanna come skool fetch me. so good lolx. [sheng yest oso did say wanna come but nv come. knew it. lolx]. at abt 11+pm he say he comin out. askin me to call him when my class finish. [told him tt need at least 1 hour to reach my skool de not enuff time for him but he say enuff]. my class ended at 12nn. called alvin. he still at kranji. lolx. so we meet at jurong east mrt. took train to sembawang. bot some breadz. went up to weijie hse. he playin ms. me do my homework. alvin dunno wat to do. den go tk a nap on da sofa. me do my accountz de hmwrk until beri 'pek chek'. gave up. closed my book. lolx. seein weijie bz playin his ms. alvin slpin. me dunno wat to do. kinda feelin drowsy. so go his bed rest. weijie den adjust the fan direction blowin me. coolin. made…

~SleEpLeSs niTe..~

last nite din slp at all. prepared my stuffz til abt 2.30am. laid on my bed. turnin here n there. juz cant slp. alvin acc me sms lo. til abt 3+am goin to 4am.. he den called me. we chatted [so softly]. til abt 5am. 1 hr left to 'wake up' for skool. rather not slp le. we decided to meet for mac b'fast at northpoint 6.30am. but me late 15 mins. had our early mornin b'fast mcHotcakez while watchin da WC matches highlitez. we left at abt 7.40am. took diff train to skool le. me got skool at 8.45am. in class sat wit alex n sophia as well as e other 2 galz. finished skool 12nn. got bac home at 1+pm. did my homework. played ms awhile. lata 4.30pm alvin came up my hse. mummy wanna give him da medi for his knee prob de. they all tog wit my grandparentz were chattin. me made banana split ice cream for my mum le den left home wit alvin at 5pm. head down to 139. solo sheng weijie sha there le. we all walked to northpoint time zone. 'boom boom' a lil'. sha left. til abt …

~baC fRm mSia~

hm. got bac from msia todaE. din realli shopped over there. did went to da chinese doctor. had dunno wat needle achipuncture on me. bcoz of my backbone. hope it will realli help. he asked me to go there every week. hm. pain. todae got bac spore at abt 6pm. met alvin at abt 6.50pm at northpoint. bot some bread at four leavez. squatted outside northpoint n eat. den go time zone 'boom boom'. so fun. played so many roundz. so gan jiong. n hot. til i sweat o.. lolx. finished thoz gamez at abt 8pm. go jln jln ard northpoint. tink next time we shall go somewhere outta yishun walk walk le.. alwaez go northpoint until sian liao. lolx. den we went to starbuckz coffee. had a drink n chat there. went window shoppin. lata my sis came. go john little find her. den she go cold storage buy thingz. me n alvin go mac buy ice cream. so many ppl crowded there watchin the WC match jap vs croatia. we peeped at the score. 0-0. we den go sit outside four leaves there.. enjoy our ice cream.. chat. my …

~wHat a faLL~

slpt at 2am. woke up at 5.30am. made my hair. did my thingz. left home at 7.45am. got skool at 9.05am. met alex in da canteen area. went to class tog. hm principle of accounts. noth much happened. break time. me acc serene go canteen eat. me oni drank 1/2 bottle of soya bean drink. got bac to class late. missed out a lil' lesson. hm. time fliez. 12noon le. acc serene go student service centre to get her skool handbook. den me went to tk bus 855 home at 12.45pm. waited quite long tho. kpt dozin off in da bus as usual. reached yishun le. saw kin n her family. we chat a lil'. den me tk mrt to admiralty. c doctor. abt my back ache matter. waited for an hr plus to c doc. den lata waited for abt 15mins went for x-rayz. den wait again. alvin came. to acc me. da doc called me in again. showed me my x-ray filmz. oh my. saw tt 'curve' of my backbone. got a shock. itz worse den b4. doc said itz bad but not bad enuff for surgery. dot dotx. he'll hand da x-ray filmz to speciali…


last nite slpt at abt 1am. woke up at 6am. left home at 7.40am. took bus 804 to intchg. den took bus 855. quite a no. of ppl. hm. me dozed off in da bus. tired. when i looked out. saw the rd signs 'farrer road' n 'queensway'. me force myself tryin not to doze off. [scared overslpt den gonna be late for skool]. me saw da bus stop le. alight da bus. walk straight for a short distance. make a left turn. my skool is there le. hm. [takin bus is beta den mrt ba. da station sooo far]. got there at 8.50am. waited outside wit my classmatez til ms arora came. started lesson. her class bored. unlike shatec. so fun. same subject somemore. diff tutorz. ttz y. lolx. so many notez to write. hm. todae sat in class alone. again. serene din go to skool. break time me stayed in class. lata got grp work. tt gal sophia asked me "juz now where u were sittin?" i pointed to her. she asked again "oh.. sit wit ya frenz huh?". "alone" i replied, smiling. den she ask…

~PeRhApz.. i nEed U~

if one day u feel like cryin.. call me.
i dun promise that i will make u laugh.
but i can cry with u.
if one day u want to run away..
dun be afraid to call me.
i dun promise to ask u to stop.
but i can run with u.
if one day u dun wan to listen to anyone.. call me.
i promise to be there for u.
but oso promise to remain quiet.
but one day if u call... and therez no anwser...
come fast to see me. perhapz i need you.

life endz when u stop dreamin
hope endz when u stop believin
love endz when u stop caring
frenship endz when u stop sharin.
to love without condition
to talk without intention
to give without reason
and to care without expectation
is da heart of a true one...


left home at abt 7.50pm. meetin alvin at northpoint. had our dinner at the food mall. go 'boom boom'. was fun. soo gan jiong de. lolx. he helped me wit da gear at da beginnin n hav to help me hold on to da steering wheel to make me calm down muahakz. me terrible man... tink im da worst racer. keke. [alvin n me did challenged 2 racez. he let me 200++m in da beginnin. but still caught me up so soon. but... he gave in to me in finishin. both racez he oso let me win. lolx ^-^]. hm. played a few gamez le. den go eat mac hot fudge sundaez. sat down outside northpoint. chat. laughed. enjoyin our ice cream.. hmmm. we chat til abt 10pm. go mac buy mcnuggetz for my bro. alvin acc me wait for bus at intchg. hm. sian. skoolin le cant watch thoz world cup matchez at late nite de. all nice nice matchez scheduled at 3am. dot dot. gonna miss it le. nvm lo. juz wait for resultz. me beri tired le. tink gonna go slp. hope tmr gonna be a beta day.. hmm.

~nO lOnGer aLonE~

last nite slpt at 3+am. supposed to wake up at 6am but was toooo tired. din realised i was overslpt. til my sis wake me up. oh my. itz 7.45am. damn. i jumped out of da bed. ran ard to do wat i supposed to do. lolx. luckily my dad is still home. he waited for me n gave me a ride to skool. reached skool at 8.45pm. went to da class. saw 'jason' outside. he asked me where wld da class be held. hez my classmate. my new fren. but hav yet to ask for his no. hm. we den went to class tog. seemz like we r da studentz who got there 1st. da lecturer was oredi there. mr. see. kinda old. 'small'. weak. but! he is soooo cutE! lolx. by his funni actionz. he like clumsy. toot toot. cartoon de. keke. me kpt laughin at him [softly of coz lolx]. hm. me met a new fren todae. 'serene'. she came later n dun hav the booklet. so i shared mine. den.. we make frenz le lo. we exchanged hp no. finally im no longer alone le. todae'z lesson. principle of account. [itz a subject i hated m…

~aM i TiReD?~

played ms til abt 4.30pm. my backbone pain. so go rest. sing karaoke. lolx. left home at abt 5.30pm. went to northpoint. alvin got there at 6.15pm. acc him go eat. we den go buy mac de ice cream. sat down n endure our frostz. afta eatin we go 110 kopitiam find sheng weijie solo. they were eatin there. we chat. while watchin da world cup channel there. c da matchez highlitez. they eat liao solo went home. sheng go weijie hse. me dunno where to go. thot of playin bball. but nobody playin. aniwae my eyez kinda tired todae. so go home oso lo. alvin acc me walked from 110 to 200+ there de bus stop wait for bus. sent me off. me got home at abt 8.30pm. had my shower. ate dinner. [now filling sooo full o]...

~fiRst DaY Of SkOol @ MDIS UniCaMpUs~

last nite slpt at 3+am. woke up at 6am. hm. gonna be my first day of skool. excited. class startin at 9am. prepared my stuffz. left home at 8am. my dad drove me there. showed me da nearest mrt station. n how to walk to my skool. got there at abt 8.30am. not sure where to go. saw the main entrance. asked da ppl there where to go. a lady brot me to da student service counter. me asked da lady there abt my corz new intake. afta she verified, she gave me my class batch schedule for tiz term. me den went ard to search for my classrm. blk g. LT-G102. hm. da skool so big o. so many blkz. finally saw da blk. but cant find my classrm. walked here n there in n out den finally i found it. keke. but. itz locked. no onez there. so wait lo. lata one by one. many ppl comin into da corridor area. seemz like they r oso new studentz. like me. hm. waited til 9am. da tutor came. we all went in. da classroom so nice o. kinda big. more den 180 seatz. majiam theatre. da seatz r beta den da onez in da cinema…

~jUnCtiOn 8~

last nite [tiz mornin] same thin happened. cant slp again. oni until 8+am. i cld den fall aslp. woke up at abt 12.30pm. sheng was at weijie hse chiong his ms. so most most probably they not gonna meet out le. me left home at abt 4.30pm. met alvin at abt 5pm. took mrt to bishan. junction 8. [he acc me go there buy thingz]. skool startin tomoro le. scary. me went to buy stationeriez at muji n popular bookstore. did window shoppin. kinda hungry le. thot of eatin at the food court but was so pack. mao called me. so we decided to go bac yishun meet mao n eat. we den went to B1. was so thirsty. bot soya bean drinkz n lil' tweeny foodz frm jollibean. afta eatin. we den took train bac to yishun. was abt 7+pm le. xiong was at ocbc. met him there. den we all wait for mao. go to the food mall. eat. finished eatin le.. mao n xiong wanna go joggin. alvin not followin. me wanna play bball. so me went along wit 'em. walked to 755 there. they went joggin. me sat there. lookin afta their stuff…

~SiM LiM Sq.~

last nite went to bed at ard 5+am. cldnt slp. my mind filled wit too much worriez; of skool startin soon. excitement; abt the world cup. so n so. i juz cldnt slp. turnin here n there on da bed. forcin myself to slp. but juz cant. i see light shining into my room. oh my. i looked up at da clock. itz 7+am. sh*t. lata. my room got brighter. itz 8.45am. i thot to myself. "no need to slp le". da dae is comin. but i [finally] fell aslp at abt 9am ba. woke up at abt 1pm. called alvin [wake up call]. den me dyed my hair. done wit it oni at abt 3+pm. eat [while waitin for my hair 'timing']. den go bathe. left home at abt 4+pm. meetin weijie n alvin. took a cab down to 139. da guyz have been waitin for quite sometime le. we den took bus 980 frm chong pang to bugis. shopped ard at sim lim sq. we acc alvin go buy his comp de stuffz. so many thingz o. [luckily we did go wit him abo wonder how he gonna carry thoz stuffz all by himself lolx]. til abt 7+pm we took cab to alvin de hs…

~wOrLd CuP!!~

juz got home. juz now left home at 6+pm. met alvin at northpoint. acc him go buy vcdz. den he acc me go buy hair color dyez. went to find sheng. was workin at sakae. den went to time zone. alvin played a few gamez. went to mac. he treated me hot fudge sundae again. mao n xiong came. we sat down. enjoyed our ice creamz. chat. laughed. wait til 8.30pm go sakae outside wait for sheng to knock off frm work. we all den meet teow kiat. sheng went home tk money. alvin me mao drank bubble tea. walked to 755 there. me sat there read my magz. mao n xiong went joggin. sheng came wit solo. den alvin solo sheng go eat. da rest of them played bball. me sat there watched. weather was kinda drizzling tho. lata when they all come bac from dinner.. we played team. bball. hm. eventho i dun realli know da game. but i find it fun. enjoy playin it. lolx. we left da place at abt 11.05pm. went own separate wayz. went off wit alvin n sheng. [sheng goin alvin de hse]. mao they all went e other wayz. hm. sheng …

~BriNg sOmE liFe~

last nite slpt at abt 5.45am. woke up at 1.30pm todae. was home alone. so me slack lo. called ms diana frm MDIS unicampus. erm. me gonna start skool real soon. scary scary. new facez. new skool. new environment. *pa pa*. class startz 9am. stirling road. queenstown [so far..]. hm. me den play ms. wit solo mao weijie. sheng at abt 2pm go solo hse play. me hungry le went to find smth eat. warm milo. bread. hm. now 6+pm le. sheng go work. til 8.30pm. weijie stay home [majiam dun wanna come out de]. alvin go home changed le den come yishun. sian lo. todae like no meet de. so late den go out. awhile den come bac le. nvm lo. but sure im gonna go out. alvin will be comin but later lo. sheng meetin me afta work. mao din reply me in msn. tt weijie... no need say le. lolx. hm. alvin juz called. he on da way le. me wanna go out le. ciaO~


last nite slpt at 4+am. woke up at abt 12+pm. [sheng called me once at 10am n another at 1.20pm]. he goin weijie hse to play ms. hm. at abt 2pm me played ms. wit sheng n solo. lata mao called. sayin he wanna eat. askin if me wanna acc him. so i go prepare my stuff. afta half an hr me call him. he said he goin home. he eat le. so me no need go lo. stayed at home. continue wit my ms. [solo n sheng offline le]. weijie was online. but we played individually. afta awhile.. alvin called. he reachin yishun le. so i logged off. left home at abt 5.05pm. met him at northpoint. we den go 139. sat there. chat. [weijie dun wanna come out]. sheng supposed to be wokrin frm 5pm til 9pm de. but in e end he din go. he go find mao juz to ask for cigar. dot dotx. lolx. at abt 7pm. sheng came wit solo. mao came too. don brot down peirou de bball den he went out. mao solo alvin sheng me went to 700+ de kfc. ate there. but alvin suddenly left not long afta. [he say his heart pain]. hm. 8+pm. afta eatin.. so…

~LaUgHiNg mOmEnTz~

slp at 4+am last nite. was playin ms wit alvin n weijie til 3+am. woke up at 11am tiz mornin. my mum cook curry me cook roti prata. ate tog. keke. left home at 2pm. mao asked me acc him go eat. met at northpoint. went to the food mall. me din eat. coz not hungry. afta tt we walked to 139. asked xiong to come too. we play bball. me laughed alot. funni de they all. we played til abt 4+pm. xiong balik. me go mao de hse. lata weijie came 139. me abt 5.30pm den go find him. coz he alone. we den go play badminton [borrowed frm peirou de]. me kpt laughin too. badminton so fun. hmm. play til tired le. we go buy drink. rest under da blk. alvin came at abt 6+pm. chit chat. [we juz sat there. got police spot check. they dun look like one at all sia. home clothez. walk like bengz. lolx]. noth much happened tho. hm. lata abt 7+pm mao came down. xiong too. we go play badminton. wah weijie n alvin made me run here n there like siao lo.. me laughed lotz too. afta playin. rest awhile. den go play bbal…

~bOoM BoOm!~

last nite slpt at 5+am. [played ms wit weijie til abt 3am. den he left. me played til 4+am]. woke up at 1.30pm todae by sheng de call. sayin tt he got off early frm work. me went to northpoint at 3.30pm. wait for sheng til 4pm. he den go 'boom boom' @ time zone. afta playin, we go jln jln. went to comicz connection. bot a cute hp strap [for my cousin sis de]. lata alvin came. at 5+pm. they go funland 'boom boom'. at 6.05pm sheng go bac work. me n alvin go jln jln. nowhere to go. so juz walk here n there c tiz n tt. lolx. sot de he go kiddy palace c kidz de clothingz. keke. lata weijie came. alvin treated me mac choco fudge sundae. yummie.. da 3 of us walked to 743 there sit n chat. [weijie oso did treat us eat bread coz 3 for $2]. met yanhong. she joined us too. but kena 'shoot' by alvin. lolx. mao lata came at abt 8.30pm. yanhong went home. we go S11 eat. [oni alvin n mao ate ba]. afta eatin we wanna go find sheng but met him on our way. we den acc sheng go 15…

~*StOp PrEtEnDiNg*~

u dun need to pretend,
nor do u need to act;
as tho u care,
as tho u give damn.

dun give me that fake smile,
itz not gonna help.
dun ask me if im okay,
u jolly well know im not.

dun pretend anymore,
dun hurt me anymore,
dun torture me anymore,
stop lying to me, itz like me,
living in tiz world of liez.

but afta all; u gave me a before.
so should i thank u,
for acting like u cared?
or should i hate u,
for pretending like u cared?

~SaKuRa @ cLeMeNti WoOdz~

last nite slpt at 5+am. woke up at abt 1.30pm. at abt 4pm mao asked me out for lunch. me said okie. but my mum say dun go coz at ard 6+pm my whole family goin out tog. so me din go meet mao lo. hm. when my bro sis n dad came bac le. we left home at abt 6.45pm. we reserved a table for 13 pax at clementi woodz de sakura restaurant. my eldest bro, sis-in-law, her sis, my niece, cousinz bro n sis, uncle ricky so n so all went too. had buffet dinner there. $24nett per pax. got 2 storeyz de wor. eat da foodz at 1st storey le den go up 2nd floor order n tried other foodz. lolx. soo full. sheng called me at 9.15pm afta his work. [todae his 1st day workin at sakae o. hm. glad tt he find tiz job alrite. beta den da previous job he had in da factory ba]. erm. me came bac hm not long ago. hm. tink da foodz in my stomach can last til tomoro aftnn le. keke.

~iTaLiA.. itaLia~

last nite slpt at 5+am. woke up at 11.30am. left home at abt 2pm wit my 2nd bro. goin to his malay fren'z weddin at bedok area. [kpt an empty stomach. thot wanna eat there]. hm. many ppl there. got buffet but me din eat. coz all spicy foodz. me oni ate a bowl of "黑米粥". my bro chat wit his frenz while i juz sat there. lookin ard. waitin. erm. we left da place at abt 4.15pm. goin bac yishun le. my bro den drove me to 139 there [n lent me $10 lolx me broke le]. me meetin alvin they all. sheng solo xiong alvin was there waitin for me. they wanna go alvinz hse. so xiong went home. me sheng solo alvin took cab frm chong pang to his hse. got there at 5+pm. again we played winning eleven 9. urgh. we all lost so many gamez to alvin. but me finally did break da tie usin 'italy'! lolx. win arsenal o.. hm. sheng n solo went to use comp. while me n alvin kpt playin. so fun. soccer. i miss soccer man! lolx. suddenly alvin de young young cousinz all came into da room. disturbed…

~VoOdOo DoLLz.~

last nite played ms wit sheng til 4+am. slpt at abt 5am. woke up at abt 10am. met sheng in ms. me go prepare my stuffz. gave alvin a wake up call. den play a lil' ms. me went out at abt 12nn. meet sheng n alvin at north point. acc them go to ya kun bread toast. me had a cup of iced horlickz. afta eatin they go 'choot choot' le den sheng go home tk a nap while alvin acc me go amk de s'pore drivin ctr to book my basic theory drivin test. 'heng' ar. todae not many ppl de. hm. paid $11.25 for da bookin. itz scheduled on 5 july [wed] at 3.15pm. hm. muz study for it le. scared scared. lolx. hm. went for a drink there b4 we left da place takin mrt bac to yishun. reached yishun at abt 2.45pm. called sheng. dunno where to go so walked here n there while waitin for sheng. me bot a hp strap wit a mini voodoo doll attached to it. keke. when sheng came le they go time zone 'boom boom'. finished off at abt 4+pm. we bot mac ice cream. hmm. nice. they ate choco sundaez…

~WheRe weRe U whEn iM haVin aLL Tiz fEaRz?~

last nite slpt at abt 5am. woke up at abt 12.40pm todae. went out at 4.20pm wit my mum. we took cab tog to chong pang. me got off at 139 while my mum go other place. met mao there. lata peirou came down wit her bball. we play. soon afta, sheng n solo came too. [sheng went for work interview. got tt job le]. hm. alvin came. we all play bball. weijie came at abt 7pm. peirou told us abt her ku ku 'fren'. lol. im eager to know him man. gotta be fun to tok to a 'sea cucumber' like him. lolx. she den went home. hm. lata da guyz played team against liang they all. as i watched along. they finished off at abt 8pm. sheng went home to freshen up himself. actually me wanted to go alvinz hse wit 'em. but kinda late. so me din join them. lata sheng come le.. we chat awhile.. den mao n solo go home. alvin sheng weijie acc me go bus stop. [they goin alvin de hse]. hm. me got home at abt 9pm. had my shower. read i-weekly. now wanna go eat 'bao'. lata wanna play game lo. oh…

~BaDmintOn aGaiN~

last nite slpt at abt 3+am or 4am. woke up at 9.30am tiz mornin. wanna play ms wit my 'shi gong' [solo]. but under server check. so wait til 10.30am den we started playin. we 'party'. he helped me up lvl. now me lvl 28 lo. wah.. [lol weijie was shocked. keke]. me stopped playin at abt 2pm. sheng came to my hse at abt 3pm. he helped me take-away long john silver. he den used my comp played ms. we left home at 6+pm. he goin harbourfront ctr. me wanna go 139 play badminton. hm. reached there at abt 7+pm. don there le wit another malay guy. we play abit bball. juz awhile da malay guy gtg. so we rest. den lata weijie arr. we saw yanhong. so we asked her for bball. she brot down. yeah. den 'liang' n frenz came. we played tog. they all so funni. cldnt stop laughin. hm. mao lata came. den alvin came too. 'liang' they all stopped playin le. lata don brot down his badminton stuffz. wah sooo nice can play weijie. mao. alvin. don. keke. yea had fun pl…