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Copthorne King's Buffet. Yishun Safra. BottleTree Park. Prata Supper.

Buffet Dinner @ Copthorne King's Hotel with my family after work.

headed home, and my korkor drove me to Yishun Safra.
kaixun, jinming, marco & sinee were already there.
larry came later.
we played 2 games each.

decided to visit BottleTree Park.
our first time there~

the trademark "Bottle Tree".

The Wedding Solemnisation of Gary Yoong & Sinee~

After years of being together through thick and thin, ups and downs,
my beloved buddies are finally tying the knot.♥

29 May 2010 @ Hotel Rendezvous Singapore

i reached their hotel room at about 4.30pm.

the bride giving a short briefing on what to do.

michelle writing the guest names in the guestbook.

me & the pretty bride!

snap snap snapz.

sinee getting ready.....