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Our Journey to Poker Tourneys (Manila, Philippines)

Airline: Jetstar
Accommodation: Remington Hotel
 When Team TPG meets in Manila~!
i simply love their hyper support lol...
Final Table, Final 3... my last few moments...

Our Day 1 (20 April 2015)
Our Day 2 (21 April 2015)
 We're bringing trophies home! Not one, but TWO~!
"One day a chump, the next day a champion. What a difference a day makes in poker tournament."

Team TPG Poker Trip (Manila)Dear #team_tpg,I had specially made this for you!Our memorable moments in Manila! For those TPGs who weren't there with us, Desmond " OH 开玩笑"Zack "Bing Bing Bing Bing!"We know your moral support went all the way to RWM.. Haha. Hope u wont miss our upcoming trips! "One day a chump, the next day a champion. What a difference a day makes in poker tournament."This is one of the BEST days of my life.#手气好到偷笑Hope you guys enjoy this video...Sincerely,Your Team ManagerRain CaiSong: 'Best Day Of My Life' by American AuthorsCredits to: Asian Poker Tour (ph…


7-13 April 2015

Airline: TigerAir

Taipei 101 Apartment (AirBnB)
Kenya room @ Leofoo Resort
Ximending Apartment (TravelMob)

Taiwan Trip (April 2015)My virgin trip to Taiwan. Amazing. Fun. Beautiful. Eat. Shop. Play. Relax. Despite all 6 sleepless nights, i enjoyed the trip. The only sad thing is that i didnt get to experience a dip in hot spring and visit Hello Kitty Cafe.Next time... I must! Thanks guys, for helping me with heavy luggage & shopping bags, patience with our shopping, patience with my phototaking, & taking care of one another.Til next time~Posted by Rain Cai on Thursday, April 16, 2015