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~Itz beta to hav a heart w/o wordz than wordz w/o a heart!~

painted my nailz tis mornin b4 goin to skool.

had afternoon class. which ended at 3.45pm.
juz when ppl were busy packin up to leave da class, i were still sittin in my place, bobby were standin in fronda my table, he 'eat full nothing beta to do' ('jia ba bo dai ji zho'), playin wit his water bottle like doin some 'bartendar flip flopping movez' wit da bottle.. me was tokin to ron. den suddenly somethin dropped on da table wit a loud 'thud' n rebounced, hit my face (juz below my left eye). bobby apologized. itz da bottle he was playin wit. lol. aiyo! da cap (hard area) hit me o. pain pain. felt abit like swallon. but afta while alrite le. ^-^

me n 'the killerz' discussed our project til abt 5.15pm.

'leh long leh long~' guess whoz slipperz/flip flopz are thoz? keke..

when i got home. looked into da mirror. ttz wat i saw.

'blue-black' le! thanx to bobby. i wanna 'bok' him liao. lolx.
tmr got ASEAN cup final match o..
how can me got…

~iM ReaL HaPpi!! DeLiGhTeD!!~

todae had mornin + aftnn classes.
during breaktime i bot a 'mini baseball jersey'. cute n cheap. keke.

i left skool in da mid of aftnn class. 2.40pm.
mr siew marked attendance early coz of my request o. he'z sooo 'steady' n gr8. XD
daddy came n fetched me to yck. ssdc.
me got Traffic Police Test at 4.30pm. warm-up lesson at 3.35pm.

recieved encouragement smses from some peepz. so glad.
n oso some wishez good luck to me in person.
i took their advice. stay calm. drive slowly wit care. so n so.
my tester was mr K. Murthy. da way he spoke was nice. not da 'act cool' type.
i passed!! i got 8 demerit points!so happi!! i kept smiling to myself.
i could smile at everyone i c. i siao le. den one guy smile bac. den we chatted.
he oso passed. so many smilez around! keke.
my wish came true. i wished for '1-1-1'.
meaning.. 1 attempt basic thry, 1 attempt final thry & 1 TP test. no retake. i did it!!
oh yea. i saw hakim (my classmate) crossin da rd during my test. he saw m…

~pRojeCt daY..~

~*haPpi BiRthDay VaNeSsA!!*~

2.30pm koko drove me to daddy'z office to take da laptop.
den he drove me to woodlandz. causeway point (cwp).

got there on time. 3pm. QQ was oredi there. we werent late o.
ron n sophia came soon afta. aaron n caryn came at 3.40pm o.
we go horizon food mall makan. me n QQ ate ice kacang. she blanja. thanx~

afta makan. me n aaron bot the pancake waffle. mine wit chocolate filling.
den we headed to Civic Ctr woodlandz library. got there 5pm.
no proper place to do our project. so booked a Project Room.
$6/hour. we booked from 6-8pm. $12/-
tiz is da receipt for bookin da Project Room.

we serious at timez. joking n laughin at timez.
den... came across tiz actor, Zhang Yao Dong (below left) de pic. n wat came into our mindz is obviously... ah baO (below rite)!!! keke!! how many percent alike neh? plz comment/tag!! thank U!! ^-^
hm. tho we booked da room til 8pm. we used it til 9pm. til da library close. den we had our dinner at horizon food mall (again). me ate U-mee. finishe…

~iM Da gUrL nExt DoOr!~

~*haPpi BiRthDay iRenE kOh!!*~
sorrie i wun be able to celebrate wit ya tonite. coz... tt kinda nite life dun suit my life de. perhapz next time. perhapz not. i dunno. aniwae hope u will enjoy to da max!

todae aftnn class. no mornin class.
da bunch of 'killerz' waited for me @ queenstown mrt. so touched.. >_<, lol
i got there 1.05pm. reached skool 1.20pm. but lesson juz abt to start nia.

ron has got back his wallet which i gave him as a bday gift. yeah.
he lost it monthz ago. sbs transit services called him. lost n found item.
wallet bac to owner le. im happi for him. happi for da wallet. ^-^

break time. sawrosie. my indon fren i knew from shatec.
said 'hi' to her gal fren from msia n a guy fren from ecuador.
1st guy i've eva seen in spore from ecuador. hakx!
i chatted wit her awhile. went bac to class.
lesson ended @ 3.45pm. we all headed home.

rest. left home @ 6.15pm. went to yck. ssdc. drivin lesson 6.55 - 8.35pm.
saw one of my dad'z bangladesh worker, 'Mah-lo…

5 Reasons Why It's Better to be a Woman

todae browsed thru QQ bought de Lime magazine.
found tiz interesting...

The Quickie 5 Reasons Why It's Better to be a Woman Women don't have to worry about snagging anything important in their zipper. OuCh!It's cute to be a daddy's girl but plain sad to be a mummy's boy.Women live longer than men.If a woman forgets to shave, no one has to know.Women know who their children are without having a DNA test.

~lauGhed tiL my heaD Pain paiN aGain. lOlx!~

PS: wanna c a bigger n clearer view of photoz posted, kindly juz 'open in new window'. n here is a site collection of da 'mdis photoz'! --> [ Rain'z MDIS photo world]

todae had both mornin + aftnn classes.
ber drew tiz "Pig Family" of us!!

i've individualised da piggiez for ya. check it out~
ah bao..
ber ber..[i drew tiz piggy of ber de!]
cai ge..
min min..
rain rain [me]..
ah zai..
durin our lunch break. we decided to go commonwealth de Mac makan.
while leavin skool, tiz 3 musketeerz did tiz. keke. so cute...

we took cab there. berQQ n me shared a cabby. QQ paid for it. thanx dar!
itz my 1st time at da mac. wit da cosy environment. turtle pond (below).

me ate fillet-o-fish meal. ber used his mac pointz to blanja us nuggetz. thankz beR! when we were tokin crapz.. ber got up to ans a phone call. n we caught da way he got engaged to da phone kinda funni. letz see it!

afta makan. we went behind da mac, da 'historical wall of brickz'. ber, ca…

~StRawBeRRiez. ChiCken riCe~

forgot to wear my watch out todae.

hm. had mornin class.
QQ brot strawberriez.
itz my beri 1st time eva eatin 'raw' strawberry o... not bad. abit sour.

n for my hair. claire n a few otherz said it lookz like 'shih tzu' dog.
zai called me 'flinestone de wife'. XD
hm. ah bao. faster go for 'blood test'!! heex... :X

afta skool. me. QQ. bao. cai ge. zai. took bus to orchard.
ate famous hainanese chicken rice @ far east plaza.

finish eatin at abt 1.15pm. we acc zai go buy some stuffz. jln jln. gia gia.
laughed alot at cai ge. lol. dun sad la... ya juz so cute n funni! ^-^

me 'gek' til my face so chubby. hakx! hm. QQ was juz rite beside me. on my right side.

at abt 2pm. me took train wit QQ. took picz while waitin for train!

me got off @ yck. went to ssdc. drivin lesson. 2.40 - 4.40pm. was a borin sunny aftnn. i caught my instructor dozin off. me too o! nearly dozed off sia. on da road somemore. haiz. sleepy.... [how i wished i stomp on da break. gave him a shock. de…

~4eVa fRenz caRd holder. MOS burger. initial D!~

todae had mornin + aftnn classes. mostly on our project stuffz.

hm. was called a 'ninja rain' todae. coz of my socko. XD

zai was too bored in class. he came up wit an dramatic act. XD

afta skool at 4pm, me, min, QQ, ber & bobby headed to Jurong Point.
me long time no go there le.
we went to da restroom. n took picz!

happi. played initial D wit bobby.
he bulli me de. 'geh geh' chose a map tt i dunno how to play de den said he oso dunno how to play, but in e end, no mercy de lo.. he 'tok' me. hmphx. den i got off. one guy helped me 'tok' him bac by 500+m ooo.. lolx. ttz da endin for a guy who was seen bullyin gal. hEex! lol.

we den go jln jln. saw tiz cute furry 'bunny handband'. we wore it.
quickly snap a pic b4 da aunt said "cannot take photo de!!". keke.

ate MOS burger for early dinner. yUmmy!! my fav. fast food o.
we snap snap n snapz!
caught ber ber. so cute n innocent de face. XD

n tiz is bobby. our cartoon de 'lao die' (老爹) lolx!!


~dOes my PrinCe exiSt?~

todae me stayed home. did some nail art. watched wwe smackdown. n awaiting for tonite'z BIG match. Manchester United VS Arsenal!! the Reds gonna win!

~*PrisOn TycOon*~

bot a new game todae!
"Prison Tycoon".
haven started playin.
probably lata! wahakz!