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~*Who's the Man of My Dreamz*~

Who's the Man of Your Dreams?
Rain, The Boy Next Door is the man of your dreams

The guy next door can be a lot more than the kid who played a great game of tag and buried you in snowballs. He can be the man of your dreams. A laidback and fun girl like you doesn't need a glass slipper or fancy jewels — you just want a guy who knows how to have a good time and has a handle on what's important.You're the kind of girl who wants to marry her best friend, so you might not have to look far for the perfect guy for you. Whoever said you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince wasn't talking about you. Tag — you're it!

~My mUm'z bDaY...~

todays my mumz bday. went to northpoint tog @ abt 2pm. bot a sling leather bag for her. ate mac. den took taxi down to jurong work site meet my bro. den go here go there. evening den met my dad & eldest bro. chat awhile. den my dad drive my mum go my hotel cafe. i followed my bro's car. my eldest bro go bac home to fetch my sis-in-law den go there. we all ate buffet dinner. my eldest bro blanja. now bac at home. tomoro got course @ grand plaza (telephone training corz) wit ravin too. 9-5pm. k. nth much to say. gtg. tat@~

~Bac frOm mSia oNce aGaiN...~

hm. juz got bac from msia tiz evening. i went there on sat. for 2 nitez. wit my mum, sis, grandparents. itz my dad's good fren who drive us in. hm. kinda happi to be bac there. cleaned up the house. itz nice. bot quite a no. of dvdz + vcdz. bot some lil' thingyz for myself. now bac in s'pore. tomoro startin work again. bac to my workin life... -_-.. nvm. time will fly. now july. next month august. sept go housekeeping. oct bac to front office. mid-nov finish my attachment. yea. itz gonna be fast yea. juz try to work happily. but oni will be happi when workin wit nice & close ppl. if not.. nobody to really tok to or joke wit.. urgh~ all day gonna be SIAnz... u know. k. tmr me working morning shift. dunno work wit who. later me gonna check my roster. k. tat@!


nowadayz dunno y. so sad. bout many things. work. presonal probz. sometimez really tink of not workin but no choice. itz for the sake of my cert. sometimez they dun understands me. they mistook me. haiz. im really unsuitable to work in service line. i cant stand those nesty guest giving faces.. 'aiming' me... tinking that they're VIPz!! im someone who wun admit something that is not true. so if im not in the wrong.. i will not feel sorry for the guest. thatz y. service line is outta my path. but wat to do. life has to go on. hope time flies. i wanna get out of tiz tired world...

~Initial D...~

suppose to work afternoon shift but changed wit my colleague to morning coz my elder bro 'date' me go watch the movie Initial D. his fren kim koon went oso. we watched in the evening @ Yishun GV. the show was nice. hm. funny. touching. & 1 more thing.... edison chen is soooooo handsome. lolx. yea he is. definitely. so cool! Jay Chou's acting not bad la. act so toot toot 1. keke. hm. edison's (Ryousuke's) racing car is so nice. Mazda FC. if i'm not wrong. but itz gonna look nicer if its black & pink. lolx. ok. i dreamt a lil' too much. -_-

~WaR Of tHe wOrLd!~

hm. worked morning shift. den evening went to yishun GV wit my elder sis to watch the movie 'War Of the World' @ 9.45pm. niiceee... so exciting & thrilling. i love those.. thrilling shows like end of the world.. & zombies show. keke. we went to cold storage to buy some snacks & drinks & we squeeze them all into my sis bag. lolx.