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Yuki Yaki & Transformers 2!!

am bloggin for yesterday's outing.

these few days been bringing my dad to Pacific medical centre.
yesterday while waiting for my dad, i decided to watch movie.

met up karyan at about 1pm.
went to buy the movie tickets at Shaw Lido.
then waited for sinee & gary to come.

lol. karyan accompanied Ronald while waiting.

AUTOSPY @ 1.30pm

movie is gore.
Rated [R21].
storyline is short and simple.
not bad. but hate those kinda ending.
which leave u clueless, thinking the ending on your own.

after the movie.

i went back to Paragon to wait for his treatment to finish,
while gary, sinee & karyan went down to Marina Square while waiting for me.

4+pm, my eldest bro came to fetch papa, while i headed to Marina Square.

Let's go for our dinner! Yuki Yaki!!

it's their first time dining at Yuki Yaki. i recommended that.
and im glad, now they prefer yuki yaki than seoul garden too. LOL. =x

my kookoo face!

gary & sinee the couple.

karyan & me. am trying to imitate kitty. lol.

loL!!! cute.


i miss our days.

i didnt expect he will receive the item, this soon.
i told the guy to send by next month tho.
i thought it would take up about a month for the item to be made and ship over.
impressively, it took less than 2 weeks.

i didnt expect to hear from him again, this soon.
was surprised tho.

i thought that i wont get to hear his voice ever again.
but i just did, today.=)

saw that familiar number appearing on my mobile.
i didnt know he had received it tho.
when he asked, "did u sent me something?"
my mind went blank.

anyway. if u wanna know. it wasn't 25th. i ordered it on the 17th.
"why did u do that?"
i dunno what to say to u. "just keep it"

i remembered u ever told me,
'u'll be the happiest man on earth if u could get that thing.'
i dunno if u're just joking, or just saying.
but i'd really wish, to make u happy, even for just that lil' moment of your life.
even though u had said goodbye...
i still wish u're gonna be happy.

im glad, u even asked h…

take good care, wherever you are.

What are the people talking about lately?
Michael Jackson's dead.
H1N1 is spreading real fast.

hmm. H1N1 is really spreading all over.
and the news today said that Singapore has confirmed 89 new cases of H1N1, bringing the total tally to 454 confirmed cases. The Health Ministry said in addition to these 89 new cases, 53 other cases were pending investigation on Friday.
2 days ago it was only 315 cases.
u see how fast it is spreading? yea. wow.

so please. take care, everyone.

that time i saw this on the news.
when asked "what can u do to prevent getting the flu?"
some said "keep washing your hands"
i was like.. "ya right. =.= if only u can dont breathe at all."

now im thinking...... if i should proceed with my thai trip in July.

anyway. i kena from karyan again.
"wake up and pee liao" at 9+am this morning. ZZzzzzz
last night 2am i tried to disturb him,
but didnt succeed. he wasnt asleep. dammit. lol.

i finally trimmed my fringe today!!
yay im back with straigh…