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~Huamin Primary gathering Chalet!!~

yesterday i worked til 6pm.
took bus 109 to Pasir Ris from caige's block bus-stop.
[as said in my previous blog, im going for a gathering chalet. but itz at Costa Sands. not Downtown. my mistake. :P]

while in da bus. the lightning kept striking. [wasnt raining]
the lightning is orange/red. and itz like... it stroke every 10-20 seconds. scary.

caige told me 'when u see white sands, u get off the bus'.
but when i saw White Sands, itz so far. i thought that the bus will probably 'go one round' n stop OUTSIDE white sands. so i didnt get off the bus. i den smsed caige askin him the way. he didnt reply. later on, i found that itz going da wrong way le. da bus is heading to Changi Village, Loyang Ave, etc. damn! i approached the bus driver, he asked me to cross over to the opposite to take bus 89. just when i stepped out of the bus. plang!!!! thunder storm. wat a day.

i STOOD at the bus stop. trying to flag a taxi but dunno why none wanna stop for me! when i dun need taxi.... th…