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~ 1,000th post: Special! ~

this is my 1,000th blog post!

so....... i'll make this post abit more special.
memorable photos from my pasts that most had never seen before.
u are allowed to laugh at those photos. but not too much okay? lol~

alright. this is the prying Rain.
im not gonna eat uxD

this is how i used to SMILE when i was very young......
hey im smiling OKAY!

2nd birthday. with that unique smile again.

urgh. see how selfish i used to be. lol! xP
itz my korkor's birthday.... and i.........
was afraid that he would blow off the candles when im not looking, as we are posing for a photo snap. xP my korkor so poor thing.

Buddha. Buddha. im a Buddhist.*pray pray*

thats me & my two lil' Japanese cousins.
dunno why the 3 of us frowned that way.
and look at my cousin brother.

ya. Rain do silly things like this =.=

the junior SIA girl.

this was taken in Thailand,
at the hotel restaurant after morning buffet breakfast.
both the cafe waiters were trying to grab me to take photos.
but u can see that…

~Life is so unpredictable... treasure your loved ones.. before itz too late...~

went to Malaysia today with my parents & sister.

in our garden: bananas... pineapple... big cactus.


and, my sister spotted this mini snake!!!omG~
itz dead tho. but. EEEEK~ *goosebumps*

at night, went to see the Malaysian doctor as usual.
he said that my lower backbone is really outta the 'line' o.
plus, lower part of my lumbar curve (just above my pelvic/sacral curve) is kinda swollen. and i didnt realised its that serious. i only know the presence of the pain & ache. (as i thought those swellings are just my fats LOL).
i guessed too much strength has been weighted on my lumbar vertebrae due to the S-curve of my backbone, causing my lumbar curve to swell.
doctor performed acupuncture treatment on me again.
this time............ 10 needles~
and, itz the first time he gave me chinese medicine in syrup form T_T*bitter*

got back to singapore home. 11+pm.

My Deepest Condolences to Lo Hwei-Yen, the first Singaporean being held hostage in the terror attack (Mumbai).
The lat…

~Thai protestors at Bangkok airports vow to "FIGHT TO DEATH".~

last night i played CZ, after soooo long since i last played.
my skills didnt drop tremendously.
my frag still ok o... ^-^
something funny happened in game.
charbo ziyu was playing with me too.
and then, she saw an enemy somewhere (i think in upper tunnel).
den she became so gan jiong and started shouting in her microphone......
she repeated it so many times before she realised whats wrong. & changed...
LOL!!! our teammates were all laughing. WTH! animal! T_T

today me & mummy met up Nick for lunchie.
he came to fetch us to Causeway point.
his car doors are automated de wor~ lol.

dined in at Crystal Jade.

i ate Soya Sauce Chicken noodle.
and they ordered some other side dishes.

and more....

after makan, nick drove us back to papa's office.
its his first visit to our offices.
he had also visited the new cosy room we've prepared for ajan and honey.

about 4pm. papa drove mummy & I…


whoa~ SADDED.
i was soooo looking forward to tomoro....
as ajan & honey were supposed to come to malaysia/singapore.
but. this morning. i reached my site office. went online. and saw......
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport CLOSED.
after being seized by more than 2000 anti-govt protestors last night.
alot alot alot of tourists were stucked there. they were unabled to go home.

we dunno when will Bangkok Airport open safely again.
those ridiculous protestors! *hmphx!

*sigh*..... i was so excited. but now....
couldnt meet my love tomoro le.
dunno when will be the next time we'll meet again.=(

~dont disturb the beetle!~

today. finally. we're done with the office ''junior suite''. lol. hooray~!
[my lower backache has worsen. coz i helped with the beds..... pain~]

in the afternoon, i played with this tiny blacky beetle-ly.

den it didnt move. so i created this paper house (shelter) for it. LOL.

and added this sign. "Do Not Disturb!" wahahaha!!!!
call me lame. 'bo liao'. or whatever.
i was just trying to entertain myself. xP

later i was talking to mummy & ah guan.
but i turned around to check on it again, itz gone. =\

counting down......... 2 more days~!^-^

~I'd rather ARGUE with you, than KISS anyone else.~

this morning went to my site office.
was surfing the net as usual. and found some funny videos worth sharing.

Thai Insurance Commercial - ''Marry Me''
[i cried watching this. so touching........]

Thai Optical Commercial - "Robbing the Wrong Bank''
[i guessed many had watched this. funny.]

i like many thai commercials as i find most of them really funny.
and lastly.............

Retarded Goalies - HILARIOUS!! (retarded goalkeepers)
[i kept laughing & laughing on my own while watching.]

hmmm. til about 11am. dad came to fetch me, and mummy.

had our early lunch at Northpoint.
hm. for my friends who know me well enough, i doubt u'll believe that i ate this.
dont it look too spicy for me?xD
my parents were surprised that i ordered that too.
but its still ok o. not that spicy. =)

after makan, went to develop my photos at the newly opened photo-shop,
Unusual Express @ B1.

photo sizes....3R,4RD and 4R are of the same price.
- below 20 photos, 50¢ each.
- 20 photos & above…

~Sexual relations are more than you can imagine~

i stayed home, all day.
most of the time, i'll be surfing, surfing, and surfing the net.
i searched my way through on beauty, dance classes, pets adoption....
and somehow, out of my curiosity, i ended up in alocal child adoption site.

so, i checked the photo listing of babies available for adoption.
awwww.... they are all .......... really adorable.
some with bright smiles.....
some with sparkling eyes......
some with a *blur* look.....
and some sleeping soundly.....

i clicked on their ''more photos/details'' to read up on their profiles 1-by-1.
the more i read, the more my feelings sore.
tears filled my eyes...... i cried.

i thought that those babies were given away by those young, IMMATURE & irresponsible youths, teenagers or adolescents.
but to my surprise.......... my conceptions were wrong.

out of the 8 babies on the list,
FIVE of their reasons for being given away........
and out of the…