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went for Tui-Na today.....

it's my OFF day today!

went out for lunch with my mum.
she said i've started my work and so, lunch on me! lol.

she chose Swensen's.


Swensen's combo.
Creamy Mushroom.
Pesto Salmon.

it has been quite sometime since i last dined in at Swensen's.
and i realised, the prices has increased.
yet the food, isn't as good.
smaller portion somemore lo.
and the creamy mushroom, i would say... not worthy.
i would rather have The Soup Spoon's Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff instead.

hmmmm. i bought some clothing today!

mummy recommended me to this Tui-Na thing nearby.
coz i had injured my left shin one or two weeks ago.
and now it has worsen due to walking too much with heels.
especially rushing up and down during those 20mins breaks.
it really hurts with my every step.

the tui-na was good. i had it on my back as well.
my left shin is hurting more now.
but will get better in a few days time i hope. =)

alright. back to work again tomoro.
i guess i wont be updating for quite sometime again.

The Opening of Marina Bay Sands Casino today.....

MARINA BAY SANDS CASINO officially opened at 3:18PM!

i was working 1pm - 9pm shift.

and i was assigned to deal Baccarat in Paiza Room 832.

empty float.
no guests.

first set of Chip Fill only arrived at 8+pm.
and waited til the 3rd set of chips arrived, at 9.30pm.

by the time there were guests in the room, but my table was closing.
and my shift has ended.
i didn't get to deal any game yet.
but it was my first time being on the Paiza & VVIP floor.
and that's a day to remember. =)

how i wished the happiness stays like this.....

our REST day before the casino opens.
he brought me to Jurong Point.
had our dinner at the Fiesta.

yummy xiao long baoooo..... lol.


ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE is a profoundly emotional tale of teenagers puppy love, parental love, generation gap, truth and make-believe. Set in a unique small town of 1980s Malaysia, the story evolves between a nice, shy boy - Botak and a brave and adventurous girl Da Jia Yu. The story brings you back to their experience of first love and crushes or what we call puppy love. The first love feeling is like the popular ice-kacang (shave ice) melting away even before one can truly taste it, only its sweetness painfully residing in our memory.

nice sweet funny movie with appearance of many stars.

Mock Casino Simulation.

i dealt baccarat.=)

me in my full uniform for the very first time!

me with crystal.
me & jacob.
rain. ken. jacob. junie.

were glad everything went well during the simulation.
we did our best! =D

The Screwed-up Hotel Simulation

we were given this Free Night Stay in Marina Bay Sands Hotel.
were all so excited about it and was so looking forward to staying the night there.

everyone came to work with baggage today.

after work, followed the signs which led us to the Hotel side.
and we walked walked walked....

we're reaching~

the entitlement.

our checked-in baggage tags.

the inner view our tower 1.

the lounge.


this dude offered us a ride around the lobby via the 3 towers....

and my other team members envied our ride and wanted to try it too! lol.