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ManchesteR UniteD Jam Filled ShortCake Biscuitz!

Manchester United Biscuitz! bot it in msia. cant bear to eat it. but itz expiring soon le. so bo bian. oh my. so beautiful de man united logo on da biscuitz.

~Jeff Hardy is Back!!~

Jeff is da best extreme daredevil i've eva seen in WWE. he is sooo COOL. his amazing daring stuntz. no one can defeat. n his creativity in his hairdo, beard, clothingz etc. i love his dressin style. he design his own wrestling outfitz. ttz y they r so 'extreme'.

i used to be crazy abt him. as well as the rock. itz been so long since i last watch them wrestle in wwe. n i tink im goin bac to it. therez so much to catch up. like jeff has said 'neva quit'...

Jeffrey Nero Hardy [Jeff Hardy]
Birthplace: Cameron NC
Birthday: 31 August 1977
6"1 feet
225 poundz
blonde hair
green eyez
finishin move: Swanton Bomb

--"Fear is only a Four-Letter word!!"--

my dOggiE 'kee siao'

on wednesday nite my doggie 'kee siao'. i was standin in front of da tv. when he suddenly rushed towardz me n bit me like a mad dog. was so pain tt i stood there silently. den slowly sit down. my jie jie help me put ice pack.

left pic: da immediate wound. da blue black appeared within secondz.
rite pic: afta puttin da ice pack n applyin 'zambuk' on it. da wound startz to swell.

hmphx. maybe he angry coz i was blockin his tv view. XD
tt nite mummy cooked 'bo bo cha cha'. da most colourful one i've eva seen.

~StEaMbOaT @ MaRiNa SoUtH~

my new nail artz. did it myself de o... keke...

~*HaPpi BiRtHdAy aH bOi!!*~

left home at 5+pm. met up ron @ yishun mrt.
den we go down orchard. met up tara & bobby. go buy bOi de bday presentz.
paragon. we bot a adidas bag n da 'helicopter contoller'
tt he alwaez told me "mummy mummy i wan i wan!" lolx. hez my 'boi'.
[itz shared by me. ron. tara. min. bao. zieg.]

we were late for steamboat.
held @ marina. when we got there. 7+pm. met up sophia @ marina mrt.
boi. min. claire. bao. zieg. oredi there le.
we ate ate ate & ate.
omG~ they put da 'lively & struggling' prawnz to cook! they killed it. hmphx.

we ate til 10+pm. bobby & ron acc me go 'boom boom' initial d!
oh my. so happi. so long nv play le. finally. i lay my handz on it. keke.
afta da game. they all go ktv. me bao n zieg no go. so bao 'tongpang' us.
he drove zieg to bugis. den he drove me HOME! coz itz late lo. so nice of him.
me got home 11.30pm.
lotza thanx to him for da ride.…

~PotLuCk PaRty @ Cai Ge'z hSe!!!~

left home at abt 5pm. ron came to my hse downstairz.
my daddy fetch us go sengkang. caige de hse. PotLuck Party Time!!
got there quite fast. bao & zieg ['zai'] oredi there le. but they left soon.
they wanna go fetch min. soon afta. claire reached. foll by bobby & tara.
den lastly. bao & zai came bac wit min.. me so happi!
for my wish. my 1st time eva 'potluck party' o! thanx guyz!!

so much foodz! n b4 we started to dig in, we played 'secret number' game. da last 'winner' cant eat. they all 'out' le left me n caige. we challenged 'hei bai pei' 黑白配 game. wahahaha so fun caige'z reaction so funni! i win him! he lose le not suppose to eat. but so bad la. so nvm. juz let him eat. keke. watch tiz. min had captured tt moment!

we ate much stuffz.
herez da slideshow of picz of our foodz n happi momentz!

at abt 8pm. bao n claire left. zai n min sat aside 'privacy chat'. shh.. keke.
da rest of us, mecaigetararonbobby played gamez.

~*MeRRy ChRiStMaS*~

MeRRy ChRiStMaS!!!

hope u guyz gonna enjoy ya xmas yea. tk care. loved.

~"F*ck You Mourinho"~

im in love wit tiz song! "F*ck you Mourinho".
if ya a Man United fan... u gonna love tiz song too.
da song soundz funni tho.but. perhapz. can be too aggressive.
sorri 'in advance' for thoz who're not man united fan. i mean no offend. okie?

aniwae herez dalink of da song ---> F*ck You Mourinho

n herez... da lyric of da song. c'mon guyz. sing wit it!

See I will, always, love the reds so much
We are the team nobody else can touch
United, I love them, they're the only team I like
The other ones are shite, and now I'm gonna tell you how I feel

F*ck Peter Kenyon and Abromavich
F*ck you Mourinho you son of a b*tch
F*ck Kevin Keegan, and f*ck Franny Lee
F*ck Steve McManaman and f*ck Man City
F*ck Leeds United you're down and you're gay
F*ck Norman Hunter and f*ck Eddie Gray
F*ck Everton and f*ck you Liverpool
F*ck all you Scousers, cause Manchester rules

Ronaldo, van Nistelrooy, play for the baddest team
With Ferdinand and super Roy Keane, Silvestre, and Ryan Giggs

Carling Cup 2006 Winner - Manchester United!!!

if ya a man united fan. im sure u wun wanna miss tiz 'fun'.
my 1st time seein rio ferdinand actin like a 'boi',
chasing john o' shea, who started da fun. keke
n ke lian de park ji sung. got 'bullied'. lolx. funni.
n my cristiano ronaldo. hez wearin a 'man u hat, scarf etc'.
n wes brown used da Carling Cup to drink beer! heex.
letz share their celebration 'behind da scene'. in their dressin room!

~ChOco cHipz CoOkiEz + "L" + fUnNi viDeo caPtuRed~

tiz mornin overslept 1 hr. but manage to leave home on time.
went to skool as usual. 9-12nn. afta tt. got aftnn class. 1-3+pm.

so nice of edwin. my 'cai ge'. he made cookiez for us as xmas gift! n da best of all.. he even wrap da cookiez into small 'transparent wrappin design paper' w/ ribbon tied to it.. so sweet o. c le oso 不舍得 eat lo... lolx! i managed eat one bag, n tk one bag home to keep. but too bad dun tink can keep long. will spoil de. hmphx.

tiz is me & 'Cai ge', da 'baker' of da day! keke!

tiz xmas gift from cai ge. da wrappin lookz so sweet huh? itz Choco Chip cookiez o.

me. eatin it. yummy! itz nice! n i finished it. lOlx.

thanx sooo much 'cai ge'. ya much effort will be greatly appreciated by us!
zieg tried to imitate L. [i kpt sayin he lookz abit like L. doesnt he? keke].
zieg imitatin L'z sittin style, tinkin wit da tip of his thumb touchin his lipz, n da way he hold thingz! his hairstyle oso abit like L de lo!!! keke.

todae laughe…

ya still da best in my heart!

sad sad SAD! jeremy din make it again. i dun understand one thing. y wasnt his parentz there for him? i wondered... is he a pure singaporean? coz... he lookz like indon-chinese tho. aniwae. he did well. even da judgez said tt. juz tt da supporterz not enuff to 'beat' da rest ba. in my heart. ya da best!! i dun wanna watch da comin up next de roundz le. hmphx.

~Plz vOte fOr JeReMy ChAn 田铭耀~

i love his dance movez n sweet face! tonite'z de Project Superstar '返身战'. plz vote for him!!! lolx. Thank U! Jeremy Chan Ming Yuew 田铭耀

Name 姓名: Jeremy Chan Ming Yuew 田铭耀
Date of Birth 出生日期:17/7/1981
Horoscope 星座: Cancer 巨蟹座
Nationality 国籍:Singaporean 新加坡
Height 身高:166cm公分
Weight 体重:55kg公斤
Occupation 职业:Bartender 酒保
Schools Attended 就读学校: Membina Primary School; St Thomas Secondary School圣汤姆斯中学;Dover ITE 杜弗工艺教育学院
Fav Food: Sashimi , Laksa, Roast pork and many many more ( basically i eat everything..keke )
Fav Singer: L'Arc~en~Ciel ( Its a jap band -- i love the lead singer the most ), Daniel Chan , Jacky Cheung
Hobbies: gaming, movie, clubbing , dancing , chillin out at cafe and most of all , SINGING ( Cant live without it )

~StEaMbOaT @ LiAnG SeAh St.~

[one of my mdis wish accomplished le].
PS: a new one added ^-^

tiz mornin went to skool. as usual. class ended 12noon. me. min. QQ. bao. zieg. edwin ['cai ge']. bob. ron. claire. bOi. took train to bugis. ah bao 'da ge' brot us to liang seah st. juz oppo shaw tower. had our steamboat lunch there. abt $13/pax. lata joanna join us. we had fun. itz been so long since we last went out tog in such big grp. we ate frm 1pm til 3+pm. den walked bac to bugis junction.
brot joanna for a haircut at da '10 mins $10 salon'. now she havin short hair le. tink itz beta for her. suitz her 'lifestyle' ba. herez da picz of her 'makeover'. ^-^

before enterin da salon....
n now wit da new hairdo.
afta tt. they all went home. left me. bao. zieg. n cai ge. tink itz my 1st time out wit da 3 of them nia ba. zieg brot us to haji lane/arab st. jln jln. here r some shopz he brot us to.

zieg bot a shirt there packed in a small cute transparent bag o. he said 'itz girly' lol. afta t…

~finally. a nEw HP!!~

tiz mornin went to skool. rain rain rain.
da weather so cooling. in class so cold.. laughed quite alot todae wit our matez. tho many ppl were absent.
afta skool at noon. me took train to bishan. meet mummy n koko there. we went to sakae sushi to hav our lunch.
suddenly. jie jie appeared at our table. to surprise them. [me n her planned de lolx]. while waiting. me so hungry.... i brot down da 'unagi sushi' frm da 'movin/rounding tray' n ate it. keke. i ate 'Unagi Kabayaki & Mix Fry Bento' n additn order 'Tori Chawanmushi'. we had fun. we ate happily. afta makan. koko left. he help me bring home my heavy bag. ^-^ we den go jln jln. got home abt 4.45pm. me so happi todae. one of my wish fulfilled le! daddy bot a new hp for me. he went to many placez to help me look for hpz. he upgraded his own contract plan. so nice of him. thanx daddy. hez da best daddy i've can eva hav! lolx. finally. i've got a new hp! [afta so long..] motorola A1200. my new hp.
[herez my su…


tiz mornin overslept. coz slept late last nite. watched man united match. reached skool 9.45am. finished skool 11.45am. me. min. QQ. zieg 'ah hia'. bOi. we took train to cck. go Lot1. makan. Ajisen~
[my 1st time dining there o] me ate "miso cha-shu ramen" wit extra side order "fried ebi". we had a gr8 time there. makan. chat. joke. laughed. lOlx. we eat til abt 3+pm. abt $12/pax ba. we den go jln jln. comicz connection. library [quite long]. popular [quite long too]. me learnt quite a no. of thingz abt life frm readin da bk @ popular. til 5.30pm. we bot bubble tea from cool station. [not nice de]. headed home. had my dinner at home. mum'z cookin. yummy........
'fUnni'. :X
'pure' violence oooo...

Wat iF...... da wOrld turn 'upsiDe dOwn'.

wat if one day.....
all da 3,000 or more of da volcanoes on earth erupt at da same time?
MOST AREAS ON EARTH will be on huge fire.
which wld cause da equake at the bottom of da ocean leadin to tsunami?
whereby da WHOLE WORLD will be flooded...
den da climate changez. itz snowing all over da countriez...
da flooded water will freeze... da earth become frozen.
itz nature disaster is called... the 'Nuclear Winter'.
n by den.. itz e end of da world.

i watched n learnt tiz on Discovery Channel. it soundz scary. isnt it.

~Watz WrOnG Wit m3 tOdaE??~

todae dunno watz happenin to me.
like so 'gong gong', blur sotong n forgetful lo.
mornin i reached queenstown mrt. went to da atm withdraw money.
den took shuttle bus wit candice tara n ah bao.
abt to alight outside skool, i realised i left my stuby book at da atm machine.
took da shuttle bus bac. rushed to find it. [the control stn staff kept it. 'heng' ar]
i ran for da same shuttle bus. the uncle waited for me. bobby ran afta me. lol.
i was catchin my breath in da bus. humphx.

we got skool. had lesson.
durin break time. claire asked me help her buy drink.
i ate my sandwiches. came bac class. realised i forgot to buy.
i walked bac canteen buy. aiyo.
den. i even forgot tt todae got aftnn class.
planned to go orchard aft skool to change my death note book de.
i din even bring my aftnn class de study book. haiz.
but still, at 12nn i went to orchard. claire min n tara acc me go o. so niCe~
we took cab there. had lunch at taka.
we shared takoyaki. choco jap pancake. jap egg w/ cheese noodl…

~Death nOte BoOk & neCk Tie!!~

went to skool in da mornin as usual.
haiz sian. project. aaron din come todae. n dunno watz wrong wit ron recently.
todae he din stay for our project. itz me myself again. fine. wat can i do.
sian againz. so many thingz needa change, re-format n follow up.
gotta go bac library search bac thoz same old bookz again. uRgh!~ im so stressed up!!

afta skool. raidah came to find me. we met up rosie in skool too. we chat. they had their lunch. [min min go hm put her laptop]. at abt 2pm. rai n me go tk bus 123 to orchard. waited for min atshaw hse.
lata. min min arr. we hadSubway for lunch. itz my 1st time eatin tt o. afta tt, we go jln jln. from shaw hse to cineleisure. min brot me to da 'push cart' stall located @ cine which bao told me tt they do sell Death Note stuffz. i saw da DN neck tie. DN wallet. n DN A4 size de death note book o! at last i've found it!! A4 size de! but wanna consider of buyin.
lata at abt 5pm mel came. we go Scotts de pastamania. ate abit. den go jln jln @ far east. t…

~dUn miSs oUt~

check out tiz funni video clipz. i've been watchin it over n over again. lolx.

Ou Han Sheng (Ou Di) 欧汉声 [欧弟]

imitatez Street Fighterz - fUnni!

showz n teaches 'haRr-lee-gOoo' - fUnni!

coOl dance mOvez. n imitatez variouz singeR. sO alike! - beri fUnni!

Show Luo Zhi Xiang (xiao zhu) 罗志祥 [小猪]

singin in da toilet. -cUte

Watson's sanitary pad advertisement -O.o

imitatez 猪哥亮,aaron kwok & jay chou 3 in 1

~"L's" WaLLpaPeR~

whakx! tis is my desktop comp! "L" nehx... hEex ^-^

Elvin Ng

Elvin Ng [黄俊雄]. noticed him in da Stars Award 2006. yesterday. find him handsome. n cute. lOlx. XD

~*DiSnEy PriNcEsSes CoSpLaY*~

hey peepz! check tiz out. esp for thoz who likez disney princesses.

"The Disney Princesses skit was performed at the San Diego Comic Con 2005 Masquerade. Disney Princesses performed to "Disney Girl" which is a parody of "Barbie Girl" by Aqua."

look out for da sleepin beauty (aurora). n oso 'aladdin'. who dancez breakdance. funni!

~HeLp oUt @ 'WaT AnAnDa'~

shi gong, his gf 'bear', n ding jie waited for me under my blk at abt 1.30pm.
todae me n mummy goin to thai temple to give a helpin hand.
so shi gong they all wanna foll coz they wanna go pray.
2pm. we all took 2 cabz there.
[ke lian de shi gong. their taxi driver took them to wrong place. den they took another cab to tt temple. hmphx.]
temple name:Wat Ananda
location:jalan bukit merah [near blk 140].

we got there abt 2.30pm.
shi gong they all prayed le. dunno wat to do. so they left le.
me n mum were helpin out in da preparation of ingredientz for tmr's event dishez.
tomoro is my thai 'master' [shi fu] de bday celebration.
soon afta, my daddy came too. plus other helperz, includin thai ppl,
were all helpin out. frm 2.30pm do non-stop til 7+pm.
had dinner. den continued doin til abt 9.30pm. tired le. we left.
got home 10pm.

tmr is da celebration event le. goin in da morning.

check tiz out. nice song. combined wit anime love story. so sweet...

~*FuNni tHinGz tO Do in a LiFt!!*~

1: when theres only 1 person in the elevator tap them on the shoulder then when they turn pretend it wasnt you

2: open your briefcase/purse and say into it "do you have enough air in there?"

3: make explosion noises when anyone presses a button

4: hold open the door and say you are waiting for a friend. after a while close them and say "hey george, hows your day been?"

5: stand really close to someone, sniffing them occasionaly

6: drop a pen and wait till someone picks it up, then scream "THATS MINE!!!"

7: take a camara and take pictures of everyone in the elevator

8: take a desk in and when someone comes in ask them if they have an appointment

9: listen to the walls with a stethoscope

10: leave a box in the corner and ask if they can hear the ticking

11: stare at another passenger for a while then anonunce "you're one of them " and back away slowly

12: ask "did u feel that!?!?"

13: when the doors close annonce "dont worry, they open aga…

~ViVo CiTy. hOkKiEn mEe. KbOx.~

tiz mornin my eldest bro drove me to skool.
reached skool 8.25am o. so early. library closed. so juz slacked ard.
9am. started lesson. til 12nn.

me. ron. aaron [boi]. claire. sophia. joanna.
took train to harbourfront. vivo city.
todae we noticed da 'depressed side' of boi o... heex. so different. :p
had our lunch at Food Republic. i love da place. so 'woody' everywhere.
i love 'country house' style. ^-^
me ate fried hokkien mee as recommended by boi.
yea itz nice. $4 a plate. afta makan. sophia n joanna left.
left da 4 of us. me. ron. boi.claire. we went to parklane there de kBox.
3pm-7pm. their service n rulez so strange!
we chose 'student package'.
cannot drink 'shirley temple' which got no alchohol de lo.
n worst of all, cant even order 'mineral water' for our free drink.
oni sick ppl can drink. i LOL. wth lo.
we sang our heartz out. we so emotion todae. lolx.
had lotza fun. in kbox room oso. tt silly ron.
use da small sofa there do exercise. sotz de…

~*PiNk CaMpAiGn DaY!!*~

todae is "PiNk CaMpAiGn"! XD

mornin koko drove me to yishun mrt. took train to skool.
i worepink. saw tara at queenstown mrt. she wore pink.
me tara candice took shuttle bus to skool.
joanna wore pink blouse.1st time c her in skirt o!
min came. in pink. claire came. in pink. sophia came. in pink.
bernard came. in pink. bobby came. in pink[w/ black jacket outside].
irene came. coincidently. in pink! ron arr late. in pinktoo.
'boi' arr da latest. in pink[w/ sleeveless dark blue shirt outside].
1st time c boi dressed up like tt o. cute. my 'ah boi' realli look like 'boi boi'. lOlx.
todae 'pink campaign'. our grp mostly dressed in pink! unity~ so sweet... happi!
todae is our pink pink pink de day o!!!
me specially brot my cam to snap many picz wit them all! gOtcHa!

afta skool. met up jonathan lai. my skoolmate. a new fren of mine.
we 2 took train to dhoby ghaut. walked to The Cathay.
itz my 1st time at The Cathay o. din go in b4.
hm. we catch da 1.10pm de Deck th…

~FiNaLLy i bOt a nEw BaG!~

tiz mornin 7.50am. koko drove me to yishun mrt.
i saw many police carz n civil defence vehiclez outside mrt.
i thot there was an accident or smth on da road.
but noticing da mrt 'screen' says...
"no train service frm semb to yck twdz marina bay".
i know smth is wrong. there were sooooo many police 'fencing' da entrance.
guidin abt wat bus to tk to yck so n so.
while thoz goin towardz jurong east can enter. i went in.
went up da escalator. my heart was jumpin sooo fast.
i saw platform B de train. stopped halfway. with da 'police tag' tied ard da area.
urgh. mrt suicide again. my 1st experience in real life seein tiz.
met hasif. hm. i wanna c more. so he brot me go to da scene area.
i was waitin round da corner observing. waiting for da 'ppl' to carry up 'da body' from da track. but. cldnt see. they went down da track. wrap it up le den was carried up by oni ONE person. coz. itz mashed le. omg~ i saw blood. my hair standz on endz. erm. n i was inter…

~'Death Note Feather Pen'~

tiz mornin went to skool as usual. no late o.
9am-12nn. class finished. took train. to woodlandz.

1pm. went to da library. civic ctr.
searched ard for reference to do my skool assignment.
sat down. wrote down da info le. 2pm+. headed to CWP to meet my sis-in-law.
me. my 'da sao'. n my niece. we 3 go jln jln ard. me bot a cute keychain.
we go searchin up n down for da Barbie™ soundtrack. but dun hav.
settled down at mac. shared iced lemon tea. mocha milkshake. n friez.
afta 'snacking', we took train bac to yishun. [saw shi gong they all outside cwp!]

da sao gave me some stuffz. includin tiz Barbie™ small notebook. [below]

go NP. jln jln. browsed thru CDz lookin for da Barbie™ soundtrack.
but to our disappointment, they dun hav. >_< [but wun give up findin!]
at comicz connection, me spotted sOoo many 'Death Note' de stuffz!!
i bot a'Death Note' feather pen. [below]

i wanna hav a collection of thoz 'Death Note' stuffz!
keychain, hp strap, pocket watch, …

~rOnnie loSt his waLLet~

humphx. rOn Ron. Teng tEnG!
sad thin. my goodie lost his wallet sia. da wallet is i bot for his bday present de o. hmphx. sad for da wallet. sad for him. but cant blame. coz he din wan tt to happen too. nvm rOnnie. u cant get it bac le. maybe itz not meant to be urz.
cheEr up yEa. ^-^

ya beStie. Rain rain.

~*i feLL sOo DeEp in lOve*~

oh my! i cant help but fall so deep in love...... with Barbie™!
planned to start on my assignment todae de but. still.
haben go library. so postponed lo.

stayed home. watched "Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses"!
oh my. i've been longing to watch it!so happi. im in craze for barbie showz.
da 3D graphicz. amazing themez. fairytalez.
"everyone livez happily eva afta......"
im lOvin' it!!
"King Randolph sends for his cousin Duchess Rowena to help turn his daughters, Princess Genevieve and her 11 sisters, into better ladies. But the Duchess takes away all the sisters fun, including the sisters favorite pastime: dancing. Thinking all hope is lost they find a secret passageway to a magical land were they can dance the night away. But what happens when their father suddenly turns ill? Will they be able to save him in time?"
i lOve the 12 Princesses namez... itz so beautiful!
startin from da eldest, here goes.....
Genevieve -…

~*Steven Strait*~

he'z so handsome!!!! Steven Strait from 'The Convenant'!

~*i wiLL WaiT fOr Da OnE foR m3.*~

me doesn't want my heart broken,
me doesn't want to make the same mistake,
but itz my own fault,
me let my broken heart break.

me dun wanna live each day,
into lying and making myself pretend,
me wanna smile for who i am,
& let my broken heart mend.

what a 'heart-breaking fear' im havin,
piercing my young soul,
scraping da future mind.
as da tender skin
remainz flawless and brave,
showing everyone:
"i need no love."
Not now, not ever!
But which, im juz pretending to be strong.

if i could dream up da perfect guy,
real Sincere,
lovez Poetry,
full of Life,
Respectz me,
wun take Advantage,
who wun Lie,
not even a single Empty Promise,
fun to hang with,
not afraid to hold my hand in fronda his frenz,
Love me whole-heartedly,
Willing to give everything he can,
and never to raise his voice at me...
these are some thingz for my perfect guy,
if i could have a guy like this,
My World would be complete,
i will wait for da one,
to te…