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~thankx for acting like u care~

had lecture this morning.

surprisingly. i didnt doze off o... =D
i brought mentos gums. sour liquid candy. n roy bought lollipopz.

oh yea. croupier helped me bought the 3-in-1 laptop care pad.
=D thankiex.

settled down at the bak kut teh kopitiam.
da uncle [i tink is da boss] came to take our order.
rain: "uncle i want bak kut teh & braised pig trotter, dun wan too oily ones."
uncle: "dun order so many la. order simple one. too many cannot finish."
in my mind i was like WTF. got such thingyz?! i pay $$ to eat leh.
[laoda ordered pig trotter in da first place le]
den laoda said to me "u wan bak kut teh? we order & share lo."
uncle: "ya la. so he (laoda) take bak kut teh u (me) take pig trotter lo"
laoda was like... WTF oso. LOL~ we all were like -_-"
itz his memory no good cant manage to remember so many orders or wat sia.
damn la. me & laoda want pig trotter each, & bak kut teh extra order.
in e end we got it right. duh!

quite expensive but NOT NICE. not worth it.
as agreed by laoda too, balestier's "发起人" (Founder) is much better. =)

after lunch, ricky let us practise for our assessment tomoro. yeaH~
blackjack. roulette. baccarat.
practised blackjack with siwei while having our 'private talk'. xD
had a good laugh tho. ^-^

5pm skool ended. we stayed back for more practise.
7pm got part time classes. saw one of my frennie, Sky. long time no see huh. xD

at 7.30pm we left skool.
den i realised, my bus juz left. gonna wait for 30mins o.
so laoda siwei & me went back to skool for a lil' practise.
i catched da 8pm bus.
got home 9pm.

tomoro Final Assessment le o....
later wanna prepare da neccessary stuffz.
tomoro gonna wake up earlier. 6am.
coz wanna be in skool early to get ready and practise too. so no rushingz.
all da best to mE~! and not forgetting da guyz too.
jia you!! =)


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had class today. 10am-5pm.
about roulette. -- maths. numbers. digits. calculations.

made a new frennie. kang hao [kang kang]. from another batch de.

i laughed so hard at roy. when he was dealing at a roulette table. he said "paying....[paused] paying.... [paused] paying....." lol. majiam 'hang' like that, which reminds me of that 'Japanese funny (cannot laugh) show'. so funny.....

and he blur blur o. mentioned "payment 200 carli(curry)" (instead of 'colour'). so i continued by sayin "paying 200 mutton". lol. laughed alot.

when we were in the coach going to AMK,
me & roy played 'hei bai pei'. so funni! alwaez a fun game neh.... =)

me roy vik & sumann went to AMK Hub. bought 'Happy Veg'.
den go AMK central kopitiam.
my korkor arrived soon after.
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6 July 09, Monday

my korkor drove me there.
coz i've got too many stuffs to carry on my own.
gary & karyan then came to the lobby and helped me carried some.

here we come!

swimming pool & chalets.

our unit: ANGSANA (premium)

i snapped these 2 photos. and noticed.... orbs.=\

in the newly renovated bathroom.

1-person mahjong. LOL!!!! =x

the guys trying out the WET HEAD.

"hello mummy?!"

me trying out the wet head. lol.

gary came over & pulled the red stick.
luckily no water was filled.

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At about 8.30am, she forced her way into the Soos' flat and tied both Madam Chan Hoong Choo (Mr Soo's wife) and his 16-year-old daughter up.

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