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~A true friend watches the first tear...catches the second...and stops the third~

this morning papa drove me to amk. =)

siwei treated me a drink. thankiex o~
he still owes me one. and i owe him one too. hEex..

today after lunch, our seniors practiced their inspection on our dealing.

firstly, was inspected by jess and another guy.
me, sumann & chang le were at the table. we took turns to deal.

3pm. break time. toto time.

after the 15mins break.
adrian asked who wanna volunteer to have their assessment on thursday.
my gang wrote our names. volunteered.
but den was told that due to the overwhelming response, needa draw lotz among those who volunteered for thursday. only 8 will be taken o..

i stay. on thursday.

hmm. after that, we continued our dealing with supervisors inspecting.
this time i dealt while siwei be my player.
inspectorz? jianfeng & 'sim'.
jianfeng & linda disiao me nor... ala.... made me so pai seh. bth. but nvm. was told in advance. n im gettin used to it tho. lol. xiao wan mian. *faint* xD scandalled.

and itz bcoz of the 'so pai seh disiao-ing incident' at the baccarat tables. siwei was there *arm chio* and kept laughin at me nor...... -_- u laugh.... u laugh to me... sOb.. lol

hm. after skool.
nic accompanied me to Far East Plaza to get my court shoes changed.
luckily i managed to change it. no fear. =)

i've been wanting to eat Takopachi's Takoyaki.
so we went to Takashimaya. was closed nor. wth. for dinner & dance event.

so decided to head down to Bugis.
and yea. managed to eat that!
Bacon & Cheese.

after eating that. we took train back to yishun.
[whoa. we went to bugis just to eat takoyaki. xD hm. i should hav went to admire the Le Coq Sportif pink+white bag. hmphx]

North Point. KFC.
nic blanja me.
cheese fries + iced lemon tea. =)

i'll take that as one of da meals he owed me. keke.......

8.55pm. we walked to yishun central blk932. Regional Clinic.
9pm. it just closed. -_-"
but we went in by the backdoor. xD
bought my medicationz.

we den took buses home.

thankx nic for helpin me with my stuff + accompanyin me.

tomoro skool.
at night going msia.
but NOT stayin over nah.

oh ya. adrian asked me to cut nails. ala... but after midnite le... xD


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had class today. 10am-5pm.
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6 July 09, Monday

my korkor drove me there.
coz i've got too many stuffs to carry on my own.
gary & karyan then came to the lobby and helped me carried some.

here we come!

swimming pool & chalets.

our unit: ANGSANA (premium)

i snapped these 2 photos. and noticed.... orbs.=\

in the newly renovated bathroom.

1-person mahjong. LOL!!!! =x

the guys trying out the WET HEAD.

"hello mummy?!"

me trying out the wet head. lol.

gary came over & pulled the red stick.
luckily no water was filled.