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~never judge a book by itz cover~

waited & waited for sumann at bus stop.
but he didnt reply sms. called him no answer.
luckily i managed to reach amk before 9.30am. he MIA

in skool.

was dealing with heuer.
i was playing as 2 playerz. plus adrian. = 3 playerz.
den me & adrian crap de nah... good acting..
we kept talking about our 'good friend' beside us. da 'invisible player'.
sia la... adrian & me were saying until like as IF the 'she' is there nor...
which... freaked heuer out. lol. he was so scared nor. xD
we notti o..... hEex...

recieved complains from my committees. about the NEW batch.
lol... duhx. i laughed at the incident nah.
trying to prove us YOU can do better? go ahead nah.... ardoh eh.....
just do ya very best in ya assessment can le o....
dont have to make things so difficult for my people right...
are we classmatez or rivalz...? -_-
but too bad la. you chose my WRONG man le. lol kuku.
somemore if you expect people to be able to do 'something', you yourself better know how to do it 1st. *bleahx*
dun see my commitee 'gong gong' 傻傻 de nor...
dun judge a book by itz cover. understand??? xD

after lunch.
did an Evaluation.
got back our Roulette assessment results.
im so proud of my committees.
we accomplished one of our wishlist. ^-^
**** huat ah! lol..

me & siwei challenged as players. each person $15000.
i won yo! end da game with $29000. siwei lost de beri funny lo... xD
until da 'last game' of the shoe, he placed his stack of $1000 chips on player.
i placed [forgot how much le] on banker.
jeremy was da Dealer......
jeremy: "Player. Banker. Player Natural 8........"
siwei soooo happy: "YESH!!!" [jumped a lil' with excitement]
jeremy [drew out Banker's card]: "Banker, Natural 9! Banker win on Natural 9!"
LOLX!!! siwei immediately faint sia!! his reaction... damn funny la!!
that scene was sooo funny lo. we laughed til peng san o. xD
yea yea... siwei owes me & jer bandungz....
nanny nanny poo poO~ lalalala..... =P

hm. were playing baccarat when suddenly adrian called me over.
ala... he wanna time our cards shuffling o... but never give notice in advance...
neva let me prepare myself..... breathe in breathe out... relax... xD
upon hearing "shuffle within 10 mins". whoa. 10mins? can meh?
so i just tried my best [in speed. keke..]
ala........... cannot have eyez staring at me de... i'd shiver...
den marco & vik purposely stared. lol. but i asked them to 'go away'. =)
later jason came over. worse still. not only stare. kept commenting nor! distraction sia... somemore wanna sabo me huh... i made small mistakes adrian closed one eye, but jason niam niam niam. -_-" when adrian returned after a while, he complained him how BAD i was. ya la. i did 'BADLY' lo. whatever. frankly juz now i focused more on timing. =P lol. hm. jeremy saw my spreading KNS also *arhm chio* nia lo... haiyo... 'bao toh' me, will get extra points huh.. what kinda FRIEND is he neh... purposely wanna make people 'du lan' or what sia. duhx. -if you are fren fren, be happy [for me] that i completed faster den you. instead of trying to object the things i do.- [wah seh... rhythm o...] hmphx*

alrite. back to topic. aniway..........
1st time shuffled til so rushing de nor.... i even perspired sia. lol.
my timing is 9 minutes 15 seconds.
siwei is looking forward to break my record tomoro. come come. keke...

after skool. 5.30pm bus to amk.

me. vik. roy & xiong went to amk hub.
vik jio-ed go arcade. yeaH!

vik playing shooting game. not worth it. DUN PLAY.
xiong. basketball.

later me & xiong played the Bishi Bahsi game.
ala.... todae short of nic. hmphx.
yea... we're the NEW champion!

i took train home.
in the feeder bus home... i heard a mobile ringing.....
ringtone is "背叛" (Bei Pan). ehh?! same as my ringtone wor...
it kept ringing.... only den i realised itz my own mobile ringing. *faint* lOlx

my legs. thigh. calves. upper arm. aching o.....

aniwae. i spent much time creating this invitation below......
calling all my AJFC Committeez/Memberz! this goes to YOU!

invited ones will probably recieved an email from me on more information.

itz 1.18am. nitEz...


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