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~I'm just another girl~

yesterday..... left home at 'bout 4.45pm.
took train. meepok den boarded the train at amk.
we headed down to....
Plaza Singapura.

shopped at Daiso. bought only 1 thingy.
chilled out at Starbucks while waiting for the rest.
my fav Choco Cream Chip.
thankx pok pok. =)

[something really really really very very very embarrassing happened. T_T pok pok kept laughing. and told the rest about it too. sooo malu si le. *hide in one corner*]

later. version came.
pok & ver.

8pm. we walked to The Cathay. met up S there.
dined in at Nihon Mura. recommended by S.
japanese food o. and itz my 1st time there.

we took the sushi we want from the belt.
each plate 99cents.

den there are other dishes n drinks, etc.
we ordered the dishes not by looking at menu, but walking around the place,
and take those ice-cream sticks (with the dish name).

Coke Float for me.

we had Chawanmushi, Tempura Prawns.

Teriyaki Chicken as well as Cod Fish.

ahakx. let me introduce some of the S11 seniors. xD
from left: S (alvin), Mee pok (lawrence) , Version (andy).

toking cock. xP

full full le....

we walked to Parklane, Paradiz Centre. but no more KBox there le.
so walked back to Cathay, and S drove us to Cineleisure.

10pm. KBox. got a room & gogoGO!!
as usual. Green Tea Honey.

they asked me to sing 1st. i shook my head.
den version said all play "black/white". odd one gonna sing 1st.
end up. itz still me. =.=" fated.

hm. some thingy happened. thankx guys for being nice.
they all even stopped singing. juz for that.
and S bought lollipop to cheer me up. xD
thankx. n paiseh o. sort of spoilt the mood.

we sang sang sang. had a great time.
chinese. english. hokkien. cantonese. omg all so zai wor... lol
they all can sing well too... ^-^

meepok is 生病的刘德华 <-- by ver. LOL~ so bad yet funny xDD

version suddenly said: "i'm so proud of S11!!"
den he spotted, the room number which we were in, itz 11!!
waaahhh so coincident~ we must snap a pic of that!
1st take. why S shake shake de. lol. failed!

take 2. better. but........
<-- ver shy ar? xDD
[i edited the pic according to pok pok]

we left the place at 3+am.
thankx guyz. for picking up the KTV bill. ^-^
but next time dun 'ka' me la... xDD
my 1st time hanging around in Cine at that hour lo...
S drove us to Cathay, as ver's bike was parked there.
S offered to send me home. with ver's bike following behind.
as we going for supper in yishun.

S drove... very fast o... i said drive safely...
but he said wanna faster send me home abo mama scold.
was so fast... i juz wanna close my eyes & try to sleep. dun dare see.
we were at the Yishun exit from CTE, da turning point...
S suddenly pulled over. i thought ver couldnt catch up so S waited for him.
but. S. off the car engine. "watz going on?" i asked myself
"something happened behind" he said.
i turned n looked behind..... my heart sank. was so shocked.
ver's bike was on the ground. with no sight of him.
we got off the car and ran over.
i kept telling myself. he'll be alrite. i prayed.
[i'm having such PHOBIA. of accidents. my aunt. my shatec fren Laren. & siwei's sister. etc. left the world. due to accidents. how sad it is. T_T and i once witnessed an accident which nearly got me involved. how lucky i was. to escape that.]
but luckily. he looked fine. but his bike.... need repair le.
his arms n legs were injured ba.
but without his jacket & gloves, it might be worse.
he den asked S to send me back. he wun be joinin us for supper.

pok. me & S went to my house de nearby kopitiam.
i ate prata. thankx pok.
S den sent me home. thankx alot.
guys. much appreciated. for the day. and everything.

got home at abt 5am.
i turned in at about 6.45am.

lover aka andrei. lol. envy huh? too bad la. u missed out the fun. xP next time la. lol.

on friday nite i went to see my late Thai master. mummy & i broke down.
i approached the casket. dunno why. no fear at all.
i went closer. looked at his face. i..... T_T
i missed the way he sayang me by knocking on my head.
throwing sweets n candies at me. yesh. i mean THROW.
he even threw fruits at me. n i gotta catch 'em.
tho most of them would dropped onto the floor rolling. i would pick 'em up.
i just miss him.

tomoro. his body will be sent to bangkok by bus.
mummy & i will be following. i wanna follow him. on his last journey.
will be leaving the temple at 6pm.
after the 'things' are done n settled down.
gonna stay a night at Bangkok on tuesday.
and wednesday will be heading back to Spore le.
estimated time arriving back in Spore, around 3 or 4am, thursday morning.
so guys... i wont be online these days.
do take care ya. missed.

last but not least......
PS: To all AJFC & ICGTC fellow mates.
with regards to the gathering @ Chevrons Chalet next week,
it has been cancelled. sadly. =( because many couldnt make it.
especially those AJFC high commands! kookoo de.
only kai is excused. coz re-service. lol.
anyway, we will probably bring it forward to next month. around CNY period.
[thankz to laoda. for extending the voucher expiry date].
i will update u guys.
til further notice ba.

love. Rain.


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gary came over & pulled the red stick.
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