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~buddies i havent met for 2 years.~

today i met up with close friends i LOST. for 2 years.
isnt that a good newS? yea it is. =)

met up weijie and maomao @ Northpoint's KFC.
wanted to eat KFC tho. but was packed. no vacant seats.
so we ended up eating Long John Silver.

weijie & mao~

i ate clam chowder but i dont eat clams. lol! shhhh....

weijie go trim your hair and cut off your 'tail' la.
u also CAI leh. see.... mao say we retarded. sia suay me lo u. lol!

after dinner. we went to play basketball. [luckily nono gastric pain =\]
itz been soooo long....
since i last touched a basketball.

walked to chong pang 139,
where i used to play basketball with 'em 2 years back, almost everyday.
yongsheng came down to join us too~!
we all coincidently wore black =D
the 3 of them are still the same. not much changes.
only mao's ''ah beng fringe'' gone liao. xD
but they are still like my 小弟弟 (lil' brothers). ^-^

when we started playing.
2 youngsters in my formal secondary school's uniform came.
they all greeted and so i thought oh, their friends.
but after awhile, one of them looked at me n said...
"eh who's this. (second glance) oh~ xiujuan..."
i was like O_O? who the hell is he? how come he knows me?
i den asked weijie. weijie said, SOLO LA! WTH u dunno!
WHAT?! he is SOLO?! o.O *staring at him from head to toe*

damn. i couldnt even recognise a fren who lent me his shoulders and held my hand & crossed the road (coz i was emotionally unstable) when i was ditched by an useless guy 2 years back.
how can i forget such friend!
lol cant blame me. i havent met him since 2006.
& he lost so much weight. slimmed down to almost HALF his size. O_O
he is in Secondary 5 now. grow up le. big boy. =)

im so happy. finally meet them after years.
i dunno how to play basketball de.
i jus play for fun.
after that. mao, sheng & me played hide-n-seek with weijie. so bad lol.
we ran up 6 storeys n took lift down. weijie lost us. lol. swt.
wait i asthma den u know uh!

later the 4 of us went up to mao's dunno who's house.
the notti boy in da house yo!

slacked. n played mahjong.
[never play $$$ at all. coz jus wanna hav fun. somemore play with 小弟弟s, better not play money la.]
weijie never play. he only took over my place when i left the place
[halfway through the game round.]
i had read Ghost stories and learnt about the Chinese Believes,
the players have to finish the whole set of mahjong game.
cannot stop halfway through.
the story of a man who left the game unfinished,
& met an accident flashed through my mind.
i dunno if im being superstitious. but im juz afraid.
somemore itz the 7th month. ={

so i called ziyu. but she wanna sleep. said will call me back in 5mins.
but also, didnt call. =.=
[si charbo. if something happens to me u will be the LAST to know
i really dunno who to call. somemore took lift down on my own T_T
most gotta work tomoro. will definitely sleep early.

i dunno whats on my mind. i was 'night dreaming' and overshot.
alighted at the wrong bus stop. i gotta walk home. kinda eerie.
so i called a nightcat, ah chua. luckily he called back.
chatted til i reached home. =.= phEw~


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me trying out the wet head. lol.

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