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last minute 3D2N Chalet @ The Chevrons.

finally. chalet photos uploaded.
sooooo many of 'em.

6 July 09, Monday

my korkor drove me there.
coz i've got too many stuffs to carry on my own.
gary & karyan then came to the lobby and helped me carried some.

here we come!

swimming pool & chalets.

our unit: ANGSANA (premium)

i snapped these 2 photos. and noticed.... orbs. =\

in the newly renovated bathroom.

1-person mahjong. LOL!!!! =x

the guys trying out the WET HEAD.

"hello mummy?!"

me trying out the wet head. lol.

gary came over & pulled the red stick.
luckily no water was filled.

we're leaving, for IMM!

in the Chevrons shuttle bus.
siao lo we were so excited, macam on our way to Genting lol!

had our lunchie at Burger King.
from left: rain. karyan. sinee. gary. kaixun.
waliao see this kaixun. freaking anti-social. lol. he's more emo than me lo.

me & sinee both went for a dip in da pool.
skinny dipping!! lol. no la siao. the lifeguard would blow off his whistle. lol.
just had my shower.

sinee outside our unit.
genting highlands?

we headed to the bowling alley.

cute bowling balls.

having fun, bowling.

sinee & rain.

PS: pause my blog song if u're gonna play this video.

our scoring results.
Round 1.

Round 2.

just when our bowling games ended, laoda called me.
he's right outside our chalet.
yay~ he dropped by to visit us! ^^

kaixun, jeremy, karyan.
my laoda~

that night we played mahjong.
laoda entertained us, played 10cents/20cents.
played 1 set of rounds. by the time, 1+am liao.
laoda left for home~

anyway, in the mid of mahjong-ing,
cheng yee came and joined us for the chalet fun. =)
she applied for 1 day leave yo.

after mahjong-ing..... we felt hungry.
we then realised. we didnt eat dinner.
only ate instant cup noodles in the evening.

i fell asleep at about 5am listening to those snorings. not bad tho. lol.
but pity karyan. he's a super light sleeper. lol.

7 July 09, Tuesday

woke up at 8am. karyan wasnt in the room.
i went downstairs, he went to sleep with kaixun. due to the snorings upstairs lol!

when i went down, they weren't sleeping tho.
so i woke them up, lets go for breakfast!

good to have this cafe here. convenient yo.
but would be much more convenient if it opens 24 hours. xD

my "not enough sleep" zombie look.

i was very disappointed lo. one of my main task is to sunbathe.
but the sun had yet to shine over the pool area.
kaixun said around 1pm then the sunlight will come over this side.
so i played basketball with kaixun & karyan. while waiting fo the sun.

wth. one basketball & one shoe. zzzzzz.

played til about 10.30am. still............. i waited & waited.
til about noontime, i see the sunlight shining to the baby pool area already,
so it means, soon it will shine over the poolside bench. i was happy.
but within minutes, the sky turns darker, sunlight faded, and then, it drizzled.
WHOA!!!!! i wore my swimwear, applied tanning lotion, and waited for like 4 hours since i woke up. and this is what i get. =( *emo*

sinee, gary & cheng yee woke up liao.
we played 1 round of mahjong. then went to bowl, til 3pm.
i played very badly this time. dont know why. so off form yo.

walked to IMM for lunchie.
had lunch at Kopitiam.
hmmm. somehow i turned emotional. and cried at the table. LOL!
seriously i dunno what was wrong with me.
yea. all along, my self confidence is really low. and that morning i went to IMM without make-up. and tied the 'pineapple top' hairstyle. then when i went to buy my ramen at the counter, i noticed the kitchen helper & the cook looking out at me, twice, and then smiled among themselves. i know they were talking about me. then i emo lo. when back to our table, sat down, i asked sinee,
rain: "do i look funny?"
sinee: "no, why?"
rain: "people laughing at me........."
then tears flowed. LOL!!!!!! wtf right. =.= urgh. stupid me.

then after makan, i went to the ladies.
3 schoolgirls stared at me like never see pineapple head before.
feeling down.
i immediately pulled off my 'pineapple top' in fronda them. & walked out.
yea. dunno why. i suddenly felt damn emo. (=.\\)

we then went to Ajisen. ate sundaes. promo 1-for-1.
whoa...... ice cream~!!!

dango~ dango~ dango~ dango~ lol.
6 cups of sundae!! wOoOoo....

chocolate/black sesame sundae.
black sesame is yummy!

karyan's innocent look. loL! =x

walked back to the chalet. rested awhile.
before getting changed and went for a dip in the pool!!
sinee managed to psycho all the guys to go swimming too.

sinee the lady, and her maids in greenish-blue towels. xP

sexay sinee.

the ladies in towels. & 1.. 2.. 3.. taDa~

wow cheng yee's pose so sexay lol!

the couple. lol~ sinee & gary.

gary: "i wanna swim NOW. dont stop me!!" lol wth.



uncle gary~

i was kinda paiseh, i covered half of my body with towel & let sinee snap.. then she was like.... "dont cover la. show, show". then i.. "ok la show show show!" LOL!! =.="

the shy & quiet cheng yee.

this kaixun, ask him stop and let me snap,
he jumped in. zzzzzzzzz

had fun in the water.
we even played Wet Head in the pool!

the game supposed to be like......
fill up the blue container with water....
one player wears that helmet,
spin the container, and let another person pulls ONE red stick.
if no water comes outta it, that player is lucky.
then gonna pass the helmet to the next player,
and let someone else pull the red stick.
takes turns, and so on, until one unlucky person kena
and water splash outta it all over on his head.

BUT hor, we all were too excited with that game.
we played it in the swimming pool, filled the container with the pool water,
then one of them wore it.
and once he put the helmet on,
without taking turns. lol!!!!
within 2 seconds, all red sticks were pulled out and.......
BISH~ the water came out LOL!!!!

kaixun put on the helmet and swim around the pool
so cute lo. like Doraemon lol!!

went for our shower.
blowing dry my hair.
seriously, i cannot live without hairdryer. lol.

me walking around aimlessly. =x

9.45pm. we were heading off to the bowling alley for our dinner!

Would you like to buy a vowel?
LOL =x

waiting for our dinner.

after dinner, played pool/snooker.

sinee vs. rain. =O

we then went for our 3rd bowling session.
while sinee & cheng yee went back to the chalet & rested.

this time my form back again. xD
played til 12midnight. went back to our unit.
played mahjong again. while watching...
Michael Jackson's Memorial Ceremony at Staples Center Arena LIVE on CNN.

played mahjong til 3+am.
used lappy while watching the MJ's event til about 5+am.
went up to sleeeeeeep.

8 July 09, Wednesday

was awaken by gary's incoming call ringtone at 9am.
i woke up, cheng yee not around le. she left for work liao.

i was so tired that i slept through-out the 3 hours plus, not knowing anything.
karyan said the way i sleep damn funny. slept flat on my front. LOL? i didnt know.
kaixun said i bit and grind my teeth while sleeping. & he could hear it. LOL? =P

early morning. nbcb. lol.
my hamster look.

waited til 11.30am. checked out our room.
had our lunch at Han's Cafe.

placing their orders at the counter.

my wonderful brunch. yummy!

our last group photo of the chalet outing.

dunno why got these photos. seemed like the camera went around the table itself and snap us without us noticing it. lol!!!

i went to buy desserts, home for my parents.

lastly, sinee cam-whoring. ^^

overall, i had fun. enjoyed myself.
altho there was no bbq. was quite a last minute plan for chalet.
but yea, we all had fun.
it seemed more like a Sporting Chalet or something.
- basketball
- 2 days of swimming
- 3 bowling sessions (monday night, tuesday afternoon & night)
- 2 nights of mahjong
- and 4 sets of laptops make it like a LAN party eh. LOL.
plus, combination of snorings & teeth biting.
simply....... wonderfully memorable. LOL!


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