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~tReat m3 liKe a rOse..~

went for breakfast at MacDonald'z, northpoint @ 6.45am. waited for alvin. he was late o. came at abt 7.30am ba. but nvm. he alwaez waited for me oso. hakx. he treat o. we ate le go mrt. went on our separate wayz le. he needa go skool.

me meetin ron. he late. whoz supposed to be there at abt 8.05am de but he arr at abt 8.40am o. lol nvm bo bian he da late king ma. fail his time management [he said himself de :X]. gave him da mac fillet-o-fish burger i got for free usin couponz de. we den head to skool.

reached skool @ 9.35am. so late o. finished class at noon. stayed awhile to clarify wit dennis abt our grp project. left at 12.35pm. me ron weiqiang alex goin to town.
ron'z mission successful: psycho-ing alex to join us lolx.
we played pool @ cine lvl 8. til abt 2+pm. alex den went off. da rest of us go kfc ate lunch. they acc me go hmv @ the heeren. search for my bro'z wanted korean drama orig soundtrack. i found it! $37.95. 买下来了! [will 'claim' from him sooner or lata de lolx]. hm. afta tt we acc wq go far east 'comic conn' buy da RO money card. [he buy 5 o.. $50 sotx. lolx]. we den head home le. took train wit ron. me head bac home.

had a shower. den go NP meet alvin. saw mel n faith @ mac! long time no c. had a lil' chat b4 goin time zone boom boom. boom le we go eat mac sundae. 4pm weijie arr. we go buy breadz n drinkz den walked to nee soon east cc find shi gong. they all played bball while me sat there lo. feel like playin but prefer to play wit ppl i know de nia. hm. played finished le. alvin walked me home @ 10pm.

had my shower. now chattin. surfin webz. got project to do o. sianz. oh yea tomoro no skool wOr! ^-^


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~Holiday Bungalow chalet so damn cheap!!~

had class today. 10am-5pm.
about roulette. -- maths. numbers. digits. calculations.

made a new frennie. kang hao [kang kang]. from another batch de.

i laughed so hard at roy. when he was dealing at a roulette table. he said "paying....[paused] paying.... [paused] paying....." lol. majiam 'hang' like that, which reminds me of that 'Japanese funny (cannot laugh) show'. so funny.....

and he blur blur o. mentioned "payment 200 carli(curry)" (instead of 'colour'). so i continued by sayin "paying 200 mutton". lol. laughed alot.

when we were in the coach going to AMK,
me & roy played 'hei bai pei'. so funni! alwaez a fun game neh.... =)

me roy vik & sumann went to AMK Hub. bought 'Happy Veg'.
den go AMK central kopitiam.
my korkor arrived soon after.
left the guys. me & korkor going to kimkoon's chalet...

reached there around 7pm. unit no. 120. Pasir Ris Road [Elias Road].
couldnt believe that da bungalow is da chale…

"Wife's hurt, but I still pity my mistress"


"My heart still goes out to my mistress"

This headline on The New Paper caught my eye yesterday and after reading the article, i felt so damn pissed off about that husband (who dont even fit to be one)!

Here's the shorter version:

His wife, Madam Chan Hoong Choo, 41, is badly scalded by the hot oil poured on her by his mistress, but Mr Soo Kiong Sing, 46, says he is still caught between the two women and pities his mistress.

On Tuesday, the mistress, Goh Gek Hwee, 36, was jailed 3.5 years and fined $4,500 for the attack on the morning of 18 Apr.

At about 8.30am, she forced her way into the Soos' flat and tied both Madam Chan Hoong Choo (Mr Soo's wife) and his 16-year-old daughter up.

Goh then heated some oil in a frying pan and poured the hot oil over Madam Chan's head and slowly down her body, then onto her legs.

A district court heard that Madam Chan Hoong Choo suffered burns to her face, scalp, trunk, arm…

last minute 3D2N Chalet @ The Chevrons.

finally. chalet photos uploaded.
sooooo many of 'em.

6 July 09, Monday

my korkor drove me there.
coz i've got too many stuffs to carry on my own.
gary & karyan then came to the lobby and helped me carried some.

here we come!

swimming pool & chalets.

our unit: ANGSANA (premium)

i snapped these 2 photos. and noticed.... orbs.=\

in the newly renovated bathroom.

1-person mahjong. LOL!!!! =x

the guys trying out the WET HEAD.

"hello mummy?!"

me trying out the wet head. lol.

gary came over & pulled the red stick.
luckily no water was filled.